Biometrics refers to the methods used to obtain information about people based on physical and behavioral traits. Read on to learn more about the applications of biometrics as well as relevant education and career options.

Inside Biometrics

Biometrics is a method of identification based on unique physical and behavioral characteristics. Physiological biometrics, for example, identifies and classifies individuals according to fingerprints, DNA and face recognition software. On the other hand, behavioral biometrics uses traits such as gait and voice to provide identification. Biometrics remains a controversial topic related to personal privacy, and government agencies are consistently revising the ways they utilize, collect and protect personal data.

Education Information

There are some undergraduate and graduate degree programs devoted to biometrics, though most schools offer biometrics as a postgraduate certificate program or specialization for undergraduates within majors like computer science and criminology. Courses may include studies in genetics, biology, computer science and mathematics. Many schools also offer biometrics as a graduate-level specialization in biostatistics, including courses in biochemical principles, statistics, oncology and ethics.

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