Cellular Biology and Histology

With new discoveries being made regularly in cellular biology and histology, a research career in this field could hold wide potential for scientific breakthrough. Learn about relevant education and employment options below.

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Cell biology is the study of cells, their inner structures and their interactions with the environment in which they exist. Histology is the preparation of tissue samples for study under a microscope. The field of cellular biology encompasses a range of other scientific disciplines, like physics, chemistry and genetics. Moreover, the research topics studied by cellular biologists are as equally broad, stretching from finding new treatments for cancer and AIDS to modifying agriculture practices to make crops more resistant to disease.

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Cell biology and histology can be studied and practiced on many levels and can be more practical or theoretical in focus. A student can complete a certificate program in histotechnology, which teaches the skills associated with preparing tissue specimens and maintaining laboratory equipment. A bachelor's degree program in biology with a focus in cellular biology likely will include histology courses. Graduate degree programs in these fields are also available. The following Study.com articles can provide you with more details about training programs in cellular biology and histology.

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