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Physiology students are able to focus on related sciences and sub-fields, including kinesiology, exercise science or sport nutrition. There are a variety of degree options and careers available within the field of physiology. Read on to learn more.

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Physiology is a biological science that is primarily concerned with development and function in humans or animals. More specifically, the field of physiology studies the internal and external mechanisms that allow for development, movement and functions.

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Physiology students are able to seek various levels of education, from associate's degree to doctorates, based on the career path they plan to follow. They generally begin their studies by building a strong foundation in other biological sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics. More of a broad field, physiology is broken down into different, more specialized sub-categories allowing students to concentrate in areas such as exercise physiology, human physiology or sport physiology, among many others. Additionally, physiology is a popular undergraduate degree program for students preparing for study in a physical therapy doctorate program. Review the links below for more details about degrees in this field.

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