Animal Physiology

A degree in animal physiology can lead to opportunities in a wide variety of areas, including fisheries, veterinary schools and pharmaceutical research. If you're interested in learning more about the education and career options, continue reading.

Inside Animal Physiology

Animal physiology is the study of the internal physical and chemical functions of animals. Professionals in this field may explore the makeup of animals, including their genetics, their behaviors and their biological structure. Whether you're interested in learning about related degree programs, online animal courses or a career as an animal physiologist has the resources to help you make an educated decision about whether animal physiology is a good fit for you.

Education Information

Programs in animal physiology are most common at the baccalaureate level; however, both master's and doctoral degree programs exist. They teach students the factors that can provide animals with a better quality of life, endurance of weather extremes and resistance to environmental contaminants. Undergraduate courses in animal physiology consist of laboratory experimentation, on-site fieldwork and classroom instruction.

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