Investments and Securities

Investments and securities is a highly competitive and profitable industry. Work often involves a combination of academic and personal skills, as well as dedication and financial savvy. Get details about relevant education and career options here.

Inside Investments and Securities

The investments and securities industry involves the management of the buying and selling of various financial instruments, along with offering advice on these securities. Individuals who are interested in working in this fast-paced industry must have a strong understanding of the financial market, the ability to keep pace with current events that could affect the stock market and the self-confidence and drive to seek the best outcome for their clients.

Education Information

Graduate and undergraduate degrees are available for individuals interested in entering the field of finance, and specifically investments and securities. A bachelor's degree is usually necessary for entry-level jobs in investments and securities. Individuals who possess a master's degree in business can often seek upper-level positions that may pay more.

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