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Because of its flexibility, English language and literature is among the most popular fields of study within the humanities. Continue reading to learn about degree programs in this field, as well as relevant career options.

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One of the reasons behind English language and literature's continuous popularity as a field of study is the sheer variety of careers it allows graduates to pursue. Although many careers within this field can be very competitive, changes in the economy are giving way to new professions that make the most of this background.

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Degrees can take from two years to obtain an associate degree to over nine years to complete a doctorate, including the required bachelor's and master's degrees. Oftentimes, students use a bachelor's degree in English as a jumping off point for graduate or professional school. Those who continue onto advanced degrees may be considering careers in academia. Areas of concentration for English students are widespread and can cover anything from medieval to world literature or linguistics. In addition, students usually take courses in critical writing, literary history and linguistics. Here are links to some Study.com articles that can offer more information about degree programs in English.

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