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The strongest period of classical Greek language lasted from the 8th-4th centuries B.C. Together with Latin, the Greek language stands as having one of the largest impacts on all modern languages, including English. Find educational options for classical Greek language studies here.

Inside the Classical Greek Language

Spoken in its modern version by over 13 million people, the Indo-European language of classical Greek is widely considered to be the most effective language ever developed, and was in use from 750 B.C. until 350-330 B.C. The Greek alphabet was the first one in which sounds of vowels and consonants were represented by letters. The language utilizes two dialects. Attic-Ionic was spoken mostly in Athens and was used to write many of the famous works of literature from this time period. The second dialect, Koine, was spoken by average Greeks and used for the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible.

Education Information

Degree options related to the study of the classical Greek language can vary from history to intensive classical studies programs. Programs include instruction in the Greek language in the context of various aspects of its contemporary civilization, including history, literature, philosophy, mythology, art and religion. In addition, individuals who study this language learn to read important and influential literature in its original form.

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