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Graduates from an Iranian/Persian language degree program may start careers as educators at the university level. Alternatively, they may become translators, interpreters, foreign correspondents or archaeologists. Continue reading for more information about education and careers in the field.

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Students enrolled in an Iranian/Persian languages degree program concern themselves with the ancient and modern linguistics and languages of Iran or Persia and the surrounding regions. Studies may focus specifically on the languages themselves or on the culture and traditions that surround these languages. While evaluating your options in terms of education and careers in the field of Iranian/Persian languages can be overwhelming, has collected information that can ease your troubles and make choosing a degree program and career path easier.

Education Information

Often students choose to earn a master's degree or Ph.D. in order to teach at the secondary or university level. Degree programs in the Iranian/Persian languages consider a broad area of study that is likely to include classes in the present day language Farsi, which is the local nomenclature for Persian and also referred to as Parsi. Other languages studied may include Avestan (the Old Persian dialect), Pashto, Baluchi, Dari, Kurdish, Ossetian and Tadzhik. Ancient or extinct languages like Khwarezmian, Median, Parthian, Sogdian and Bactrian might also be taught. A few educational options that might interest you are listed below.

Career Options

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