French Language Teacher Education

French teachers educate a new generation of students in the French language and culture. Read on to learn more about possible topics, degree requirements and career opportunities in this field.

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Teaching a foreign language can open students' eyes to other cultures and ways of life. French language teachers are required to speak, read and write French; many possess a broad knowledge of French literature and culture. Coursework for aspiring French teachers often includes French grammar, French history, classroom management, lesson planning and educational psychology. Some programs require that students spend time studying in France.

Education Information

Most aspiring French teachers pursue a bachelor's degree in French teaching education or a related field. In order to teach at the K-12 levels in public schools, instructors are usually required to complete a bachelor's program, a student-teaching experience and a licensure exam. Community colleges may only expect French teachers to have a master's degree, but most faculty members at 4-year universities hold a doctorate. Check out the links below to read about some of the top French language schools in the United States, the degree programs that can lead to becoming a French teacher and about introductory French classes.

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