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Undergraduate pre-law programs are designed for aspiring law school students. Continue reading to determine if pre-law studies is the right academic field for you and get information about careers in the field of law.

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Pre-law programs typically don't award degrees; they're often designed for undergraduate students pursuing a variety of majors, like political science or business administration. A school's pre-law program may suggest coursework that will prepare a student for success in law school. Possible courses may include U.S. Constitutional law, logic, English composition or legal communications.

Pre-law programs often have advisers that can help students create degree plans, learn more about law school admissions procedures or prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Some of these programs also host extracurricular activities, such as pre-law workshops or discussion groups led by current law school students. If you're interested in an undergraduate pre-law program, read on for more information. Study.com provides all the information you need to investigate this demanding academic path.

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