American Studies

American studies incorporates history, anthropology, sociology and other fields to explain and understand past and present American society. Graduates may seek careers in government, education and journalism or choose to further their studies. Read on to explore the options for this field.

Inside American Studies

American studies is a multidisciplinary approach to the study of American culture, society and history. It combines social, economic, political and religious factors that influenced regional development and cultures from the past and present. Students may focus on such areas as folk and popular culture, public heritage, inequality or American politics, depending on their interests and career aspirations. Curricula tend to emphasize historical analyses of American literature, government, media and minority relations. Graduate degree programs typically require students to complete original research projects, and some schools offer professional and academic tracks to better suit students' career goals.

American studies degrees range from the bachelor's to doctoral levels. A degree in American studies can apply to a wide variety of careers in museums, education, public administration, historical preservation, medicine, journalism, government, law or city planning. A bachelor's degree is also good preparation for those planning to enter graduate school in law, political science or business. Doctoral degrees typically apply to those wanting to teach, conduct research and publish in the field.

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