Jewish Studies

Degree programs in Jewish studies examine the history of the faith and the cultures that follow it. Jewish studies program graduates can seek careers in political activism, communications and social services, among others. Read on for more details.

Inside Jewish Studies

Jewish studies, sometimes referred to as Judaic studies, explores the many facets of Jewish life and culture, including Jewish history, language, religion, politics and education. Students in this field need to be able to engage in debate, think critically and communicate effectively, as well as have good organizational skills.

Education Information

Jewish studies majors have the opportunity to study abroad and can pursue certificates or associate, bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees. While a bachelor's degree or certificate can lead to a job as a Jewish educator or a job within a Jewish organization, rabbis and university-level Jewish study educators require seminary training (for rabbis) or graduate degrees. College courses include, but aren't limited to, Hebrew, anthropology, Jewish history and Jewish literature. The following articles describe some of the degree options in Jewish studies.

Distance Learning Options

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