Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Maintaining heavy equipment can be a rewarding career for those with mechanical skills. Read on to learn about the education requirements and job prospects for a career in heavy equipment maintenance.

Inside Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Heavy equipment maintenance involves an understanding of all the systems found on large, motorized machines, such as bulldozers, cranes or backhoes. Heavy equipment may include hydraulics, large diesel engines and many moving parts and thus require specialized maintenance and repair techniques. Often, heavy equipment cannot be taken to an appropriate repair shop, so maintenance workers must make repairs on site.

Education Information

Heavy machinery maintenance workers are trained in a variety of ways. While many receive on-the-job training, some employers prefer potential maintenance workers to attain some formal training. Community and technical colleges often offer classes in this field, and training programs are offered at the diploma, certificate, associate's or bachelor's degree level. Programs generally cover diverse heavy equipment topics, such as basic repairs and the proper operation of heavy equipment, as well as studies in diesel technology. Check out the links below for more information about relevant programs of study.

Distance Learning Options

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