Autobody Repair

Auto body repair technicians are responsible for restoring vehicles following an automobile accident or collision. Continue reading to discover more about education options and career opportunities in the field of auto body repair.

Inside Auto Body Repair

Auto body repair technicians deal with bent parts, dings and scratches, alignment issues and the replacement of automotive pieces that have been heavily damaged. These professionals can make a vehicle, such as a car or a truck, look and drive like new after a crash.

Education Information

Community and technical colleges offer certificates, diplomas and associate's degrees in auto body repair. These programs teach students about workshop abilities required for auto body repair jobs, including welding, tool handling and computer basics. Training on safety measures and mechanical principles is also covered. Associate's degree programs may offer courses that can improve a student's communication, business and people skills, such as math, psychology and economics. These links explore some of the training options available:

Distance Learning Options

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