Renal and Dialysis Technician

Renal and dialysis technicians work closely with nurses to treat patients suffering from end stage renal disease (ESRD). They often have the most contact with patients in a dialysis facility and can play a vital role in their treatment. Read on to see education and career options in this field.

Inside Renal and Dialysis Technology

Renal and dialysis technicians work in facilities designed to treat patients suffering from ESRD. These patients lack proper kidney function and must use dialysis to filter their blood. Renal and dialysis technicians prepare patients for dialysis, gain vascular access and monitor the patient during dialysis treatment. This requires detailed knowledge of the medical equipment used in treatment, phlebotomy skills and proficiency in taking vital signs.

Renal and dialysis technicians work under the supervision of a nurse and must follow all protocols and federal standards for care. A good candidate for this type of position would have respect and compassion for seriously ill patients and would work well with a team of medical personnel.

Education and Certification Information

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