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Students interested in nursing as a career or registered nurses who want to earn advanced degrees may study nursing science. Earning a nursing science degree allows graduates to take on research or management roles in healthcare. Learn more here.

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This field of study focuses on scientific research in nursing as well as practice. Whether you are looking for a research-oriented degree in the field of nursing, want to improve your understanding of the healthcare industry or are looking to pursue a management position, Study.com has the information you need to aid in your career and education decisions.

Education Information

Universities offer both master's degrees and doctorates in nursing science. Programs may require students to choose a specific area in which to conduct their research. In addition, some nursing science programs contain business courses to prepare graduates for careers in healthcare management. Admission to a Ph.D. program in nursing science requires both a bachelor's and master's degree in nursing. Below are just some of the options for students who want to earn degrees in the field of nursing.

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