Natural Sciences

Natural sciences includes a variety of disciplines which, often in combination with each other, focus on all aspects of nature and the natural world. Read this article to learn more about education and career options in the field of natural sciences.

Inside Natural Sciences

The natural sciences field encompasses many disciplines that deal with the study of processes that occur in nature. It includes the physical and biological sciences, mathematics and environmental sciences. The natural sciences differ from the social sciences, which focus on the study of human behavior and society. Natural sciences students often concentrate in a single discipline within the field to qualify for careers as physicists, chemists, geologists or other specialized scientific positions.

Education Information

An undergraduate degree program in natural sciences provides interdisciplinary education with a strong liberal arts foundation. Such programs are often geared toward careers in education or the general sciences, such as science writing, health or policy. They also serve as good preparation for graduate studies in one of the natural sciences disciplines. Major coursework typically combines in-class instruction with hands-on laboratory work. Additionally, students may need to develop skills in mathematics, statistics and computer science.

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