Metal and Jewelry Art

Metal and jewelry art is a unique art form that has a long history. Working as a jeweler may be a stable career path, but more than half of these artists choose to be self-employed. If you're interested in pursuing this artistic career path, read on for academic and employment information.

Inside Metal and Jewelry Art

Jewelers and metal artists design and manufacture pieces of jewelry using metals and precious gems. Many specialize in multiple areas of design, construction and repair. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), roughly one-third of metal and jewelry art workers are self-employed, but many find employment with large manufacturing and retail firms (www.bls.gov). They may work as a jewelry designer, creator, or retailer. Those who work in jewelry design and repair are commonly referred to as bench jewelers, whereas the study of metal art may lead to a career as a sculptor.

To gain valuable work experience, an apprenticeship or an internship with a successful jewelry company, either in retail or in manufacturing may be an option. In fact, may jewelers gain the majority of their training through such programs. If you'd like to explore some formal education options in this field, as well as career paths, check out the following Study.com resources.

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