Multimedia Arts

Because of its usefulness in today's technologically advanced society, multimedia arts is a popular field of study for artists interested in animation, Web design and graphic arts. Read on to learn about relevant degree programs and careers.

Inside Multimedia Arts

Multimedia arts can be an exciting field for creative individuals who are also tech savvy. Successful professionals in the field of multimedia arts are creative and effective at communicating thoughts and ideas, whether it be through a simple graphic, short film or multi-page website.

Education Information

Degree programs can take from two years to obtain an associate's degree to more than five years of additional training to complete a bachelor's and a master's degree program. Short-term certificate programs in related fields, such as multimedia writing, marketing or graphic design, are also available and can help students gain additional career-focused training in their particular area of interest. Multimedia arts students may take courses in areas such as digital imaging, design composition, audio production, typography, writing for multimedia, Web design basics and social media techniques. Below are links to articles that can provide you with more information about training programs in the field.


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