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The field of photography, film and video can lead to several careers in a creative field. However, this field isn't for everyone, so continue reading to learn what it involves and determine whether you're interested in pursuing it further.

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If you're creative and enjoy the technical aspects of imagery, you may consider the fields of photography, film and video. Professionals in these fields capture images on film and develop them. While some do so for personal enjoyment, others do so for a living.

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Whether you're looking into photography, producing or editing, there are a number of degree programs that can help you reach your goals. Degree programs are available at the associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree levels. You may take courses that train you to capture prints and video, edit photos and videos, take digital photos, set up lighting and understand the history of the industry. The resources and information on Study.com can help you make informed academic and career decisions so you can find a career you enjoy. The following pages illustrate some of the degree programs in this industry in order of degree level.

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