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Earn Your Degree At Home, On The Road, Or Virtually Anywhere In The World

Now you can earn your degree or certificate through Baker College Online. We offer the convenience of classroom accessibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from virtually anywhere in the world.

If You Have A Busy Schedule, Baker Online Is The Ideal Way To Earn Your Degree

Because you do all your classroom work when it is convenient for you, your schedule is very flexible. You simply access your virtual classroom through the Web. Baker Online is not a self-paced program. Rather, courses begin and end on specific dates and class work is assigned deadlines. It's a college education that builds your future by working around your present schedule.

Tuition, Financial Aid & Start Dates

Since every student is different, there isn't a "one size fits all" for school information. Start dates and tuition often vary between selected programs, and financial aid opportunities are unique to each student's circumstances. to get the most up-to-date and accurate information based on your selected program and circumstances.

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Admission Requirements:

  • Masters degree applicants must have a Bachelor's degree or above.

Find Your Program:

  • Accounting - Bachelor
  • Accounting - MBA (Master's)
  • Business Administration - Associate
  • Business Administration - DBA (Doctorate)
  • Business Intelligence - MBA (Master's)
  • Finance - Bachelor
  • Finance - MBA (Master's)
  • General Business (MBA)
  • Human Resource Management - Bachelor
  • Marketing - Bachelor
  • Supply Chain Management - Bachelor
  • Human Resource Management - MBA
  • Business Administration - Accelerated Program - Bachelor
  • Accounting - Associate
  • Cloud Security Risk Management - MBA (Master's)
  • Cloud Security Risk Management - MSIS (Master's)
  • Game Software Development - Bachelor
  • Information Systems - MSIS (Master's)
  • Information Technology - Associate
  • Information Technology and Security - Bachelor
  • Information Systems - MBA (Master's)
  • Criminal Justice - Bachelor
  • Law Enforcement Academy (Police) - Bachelor
  • Educational Leadership: Higher Education - MSEE (Master's)
  • Educational Leadership: K-12 - MSEE (Master's)
  • Elementary Mathematics - Additional Endorsement - Certificate
  • Leadership Studies - MBA (Master's)
  • Secondary Mathematics - Additional Endorsement - Certificate
  • General Studies - Bachelor
  • Healthcare Management - MBA (Master's)
  • Nursing (Post-licensure) - Bachelor
  • Nursing Administration - Master's
  • Nursing Education - Master's
  • Psychology - Bachelor
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology - MSIOP (Master's)