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About Divine Mercy University

Divine Mercy University is a graduate school consisting of a School of Counseling and an Institute for the Psychological Sciences. The school began as The Institute for the Psychological Sciences in 1997 and opened the School of Counseling in 2015, adding the MS in Counseling program in 2016. Twenty years after its founding, DMU opened its new campus in Sterling, Virginia, and seeks to serve people through counseling training from a Catholic-Christian ideology.

In the Master of Science in Psychology program, which is a fully online program that can be completed in two years, students have the opportunity to study the human person beyond behavioral patterns and examine them in light of a Catholic-Christian vision. This complete human study includes discussions of social connectivity, relationships, morality, and spirituality. Coursework is designed to integrate the Catholic-Christian approach with studies in human development, psychological disorders and treatments, group psychology, personality theories, and intervention planning. An emphasis is placed on the development of leadership skills applicable to helping people in such areas as relationship building, vocational development, and crisis management.

Combining traditional online learning with reviewable video taping of students' clinical skills and virtual face-to-face learning opportunities, the Master of Science in Counseling also focuses on the Catholic-Christian vision of the person while offering courses designed to build counseling skills and an understanding of counseling techniques. Students take classes that cover counseling strategies for families, married and nonmarried couples, children and adolescents, groups, and individuals with addictions. The program contains a concentration in clinical mental health counseling. A total of 700 hours in a practicum and two-part internship allows students to apply techniques in areas of client evaluation, treatment planning, and counseling sessions at actual clinical sites. Those who complete this program could meet the educational requirements needed to pursue certification and/or licensure in Virginia.

'The professors provide an invaluable perspective on the compassion crucial in addressing mental health issues. Moreover, the focus on psychology in terms of man's physical and spiritual existence equips each student with a full understanding of what it means to be psychologically healthy.'

- Anna Adams, Divine Mercy University Graduate

'After struggling to integrate psychology and theology on my own, I was relieved to land at IPS where professors had been wrestling with the same things…My current practice is truly indebted to the formation I received there, which continues to help me better understand and serve my clients.'

- Peter Martin, 2009 Divine Mercy University Graduate

Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants must have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Why Divine Mercy University?

The DMU Model

An integrative approach to psychology instruction combines the science of psychology with a Catholic-Christian model of the human person; DMU boasts of being the only graduate school of its kind offering this type of integrative learning.

Globally Recognized Institution

Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI are among global intellectuals and figures who recognize the academic efforts of DMU.

Lecture Series

DMU sponsors the Newman Lecture Series, bringing in notable individuals in the field of psychology to discuss relevant topics while maintaining the university's Catholic-Christian approach and values.

Financial Assistance Options

Students can ensure they'll be able to afford their education at DMU with access to various types of financial aid assistance, such as federal and private loans, grants, DMU scholarships, and an institutional payment plan.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Applicants to Divine Mercy University's MS in Psychology and Counseling programs must possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Applications for the counseling program are not accepted from residents of Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, or Oregon.

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