International Academy of Design and Technology

International Academy of Design and Technology Overview

The academy is a private institution of higher education founded in 1977. It has accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. From its 130,000-square-foot facility, the academy incorporates technology with creative professions.

The school and its programs are career-driven, offering training in popular, in-demand fields. Classes are taught by faculty with successful careers in their different areas of expertise. Students graduate with industry knowledge, hands-on experience and enhanced networking opportunities.

Academic Programs at the International Academy of Design and Technology

Fashion Design and Marketing

Bachelor of Fine Arts and Associate of Science programs in fashion design and marketing are offered at the academy. Fashion design students take foundation classes in fashion marketing, clothing construction, pattern drafting and fashion history. Students in the bachelor's program gain industry insight through on-campus guest lectures and off-site visits to retailers and artists at their workplaces.

Interior Design

The Associate of Science program covers basic concepts such as drafting, space planning and environmental design. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program expands on these subjects, and students who earn the 4-year degree are prepared for management positions in interior design. Graduates leave with portfolios of work that they can use to apply for positions in interior design.

Graphic Design

The graphic design program trains students to create visual communications. Students practice working with ads, layout, type, photography and illustration during the program. Digital illustration, imaging and Web design are technical skills included in both the associate's and bachelor's programs.

Computer Animation

The bachelor's degree in computer animation prepares students for careers in game art, game design and computer animation. Students use software such as Maya, Z-Brush and Motion Builder to create projects and build a portfolio. The focus of the program is on the technical and conceptual skills used to do animation, drawing and storyboarding for television, animation and games.

Digital Photography

The digital photography associate's degree program includes traditional and digital photography skills. Training in advertising, commercial, portrait and wedding photography is included, along with photojournalism studies. Students complete projects for their portfolios and gain experience using lighting, software, grip and industry-standard cameras.

Recording Arts

The bachelor's program in recording arts covers traditional analog recording, but has a strong focus on digital technology. Practical experience with studio recording, electronic music and sound reinforcement prepares students for recording industry careers. Students learn mastering and mixing techniques and study the principles of sound design for film, video, DVD and CD production.

Fashion Merchandising

Skills in buying, negotiation, merchandising, customer relations and management are part of the bachelor's-level fashion merchandising program. Fashion merchandising classes include fashion sketching, accounting and fundamentals of design. Students also participate in a fashion-related internship program.

Advertising and Design

The 4-year advertising and design program incorporates electronic technology, advertising theory, design skills and general education courses. Students learn to utilize different forms of communication, such as catalogs, broadcast and print ads and direct mail. Graduates are prepared to work in entry-level positions at Web design companies, media companies, advertising agencies and design departments.

Game Production

The game production bachelor's program prepares students for careers in the video game industry, although game production skills can also be used in fields such as military simulation and education. Game theory and mechanics, digital imaging and game play scripting are some of the required class topics. Students also study and gain competence in team collaboration and project management.

Digital Media Production

Led by faculty experienced in multimedia and digital production, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Production program emphasizes hands-on projects. Current industry software and equipment is used to teach the required skills to work as a Web content producer, motion graphic designer or flash developer. Students create interactive media graphics, audio and video for entertainment and communications purposes.

Design Management

The Master of Fine Arts program in Design Management is intended for creative students who have undergraduate degrees in design-related fields, as well as professional experience. The program involves both seminar and studio work. Classes in design thinking, strategy, management, technology and marketing all enable the design management graduate to lead marketing or creative groups.

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