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About Kaplan University

Kaplan University is a private university with undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education programs delivered through an online learning environment.

Kaplan University offers more than 180 degree and certificate programs in social and behavioral sciences, business and management, criminal justice, education, information technology, health sciences, nursing, and legal studies. These programs offer students the flexibility to study on their terms, in order to take advantage of an interactive learning environment.

In the Military?

In an effort to accommodate students who are active military, Kaplan University will consider military experience and prior relevant coursework for college credit. You can accumulate a maximum of 75% of your undergraduate degree credit through outside sources. In 2016-2017, Kaplan University awarded military students, on average, 55% of the credits required for an associate's degree and approximately 35% of the credits required for a bachelor's degree.*

Additionally, Kaplan University provides a flexible deployment policy for students who need it. Undergraduate tuition is reduced 55% per credit for servicemembers, including Guard and Reserve, and 38% per credit for veterans.** Reduced tuition for graduate-level programs is also available, as is tuition reduction for military spouses. Kaplan University participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

* Source: The Year in Review: 2016-2017, Kaplan University Academic Report, winter 2017. Individual experiences will vary. Kaplan University does not guarantee transferability of credit from any of these sources. See the University Catalog for Prior Learning Assessment policy. Speak to an Admissions Advisor to find out how many credits may be eligible to transfer.

** Per-credit tuition reductions are based on standard tuition rate of $371.00. Indiana resident pricing: undergraduate veterans, $220.00; no additional reductions are applied due to this lowered tuition rate.

Accreditation Statement

Kaplan University is regionally accredited, see the University's website for details.

Admission Requirements:

Earn Credit

You can transfer credit from any of the following Study.com courses towards your Kaplan University undergraduate degree. Click to view the courses in each subject area.

Study.com Course Code & Name Kaplan University Course Code & Name Credits
Accounting 101: Financial Accounting AB/AC114 : Accounting I 5
Accounting 102: Intro to Managerial Accounting AB/AC239 : Managerial Accounting 5
Accounting 301: Applied Managerial Accounting AB/AC239 : Managerial Accounting 5
Accounting 302: Advanced Accounting AC/AC116 : Accounting II 5
Accounting 303: Cost Accounting AC420 : Cost Accounting 6
Business 100: Intro to Business (Open Elective) 5
Business 101: Principles of Management AB140 : Introduction to Management 5
Business 102: Principles of Marketing AB219 : Marketing 5
Business 103: Introductory Business Law (Open Elective) 5
Business 104: Information Systems and Computer Applications (Open Elective) 5
Business 105: Labor Relations (Open Elective) 5
Business 106: Human Resource Management AB203 : Human Resource Management 5
Business 107: Organizational Behavior (Open Elective) 5
Business 108: Business Ethics (Open Elective) 5
Business 109: Intro to Computing IT190 : Foundations in Information Technology 5
Business 110: Business Math MM255 : Business Math and Statistical Measures 5
Business 111: Principles of Supervision AB140 : Introduction to Management 5
Business 113: Business Communication (Open Elective) 5
Business 120: International Business (Open Elective) 5
Business 121: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Open Elective) 3
Business 209: Mentoring & Leadership Development in the Workplace (Open Elective) 5
Business 302: Foundations of Leadership (Open Elective) 5
Business 305: Leadership Communication (Open Elective) 5
Business 306: Strategic Human Resources Management AB/MT203 : Human Resource Management 5
Business 307: Leadership & Organizational Behavior (Open Elective) 5
Business 308: Globalization & International Management AB220 : Global Business 5
Business 309: Digital Marketing & Advertising (Open Elective) 5
Business 311: Project Management (Open Elective) 5
Business 312: Advanced Operations Management MT435 : Operations Management 6
Business 314: Employment Law (Open Elective) 3
Business 315: Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Open Elective) 5
Communications 101: Public Speaking CM214 : Public Speaking 5
Communications 102: Interpersonal Communication CM206 : Interpersonal Communications 5
Communications 120: Presentation Skills in the Workplace (Open Elective) 5
Economics 101: Principles of Microeconomics AB/BU224 : Microeconomics 5
Economics 102: Macroeconomics AB/BU204 : Macroeconomics 5
Finance 101: Principles of Finance AB217 : Finance 5
Finance 102: Personal Finance (Open Elective) 5
Finance 104: Financial Management (Open Elective) 3
Hospitality 101: Introduction to Hospitality (Open Elective) 3
Hospitality 301: Hospitality Marketing (Open Elective) 5
Hospitality 304: Hotel & Lodging Management & Operations (Open Elective) 3
Marketing 301: Marketing Research MT355 : Marketing Research 6
Study.com Course Code & Name Kaplan University Course Code & Name Credits
English 101: English Literature (Open Elective) 2
English 102: American Literature (Humanities Elective) 5
English 103: Analyzing and Interpreting Literature (Humanities Elective) 5
English 104: College Composition I CM107 : College Composition I 5
English 105: College Composition II CM220 : College Composition II 5
English 305: Advanced Technical Writing CM240 : Technical Communication 5
Study.com Course Code & Name Kaplan University Course Code & Name Credits
Spanish 101: Beginning Spanish (Open Elective) 5
Spanish 102: Intermediate Spanish (Open Elective) 3
Spanish 105: Spanish for the Workplace (Open Elective) 5
Study.com Course Code & Name Kaplan University Course Code & Name Credits
History 101: Western Civilization I (Social Science Elective) 5
History 102: Western Civilization II (Social Science Elective) 5
History 103: US History I (Social Science Elective) 5
History 104: US History II (Social Science Elective) 5
History 106: The Civil War and Reconstruction (Social Science Elective) 5
History 108: History of the Vietnam War (Social Science Elective) 5
History 306: The American Civil War Era (Social Science Elective) 5
History 308: Causes and Effects of the Vietnam War (Social Science Elective) 5
Study.com Course Code & Name Kaplan University Course Code & Name Credits
Humanities 101: Intro to the Humanities (Humanities Elective) 5
Religion 101: Intro to World Religions (Humanities Elective) 5
Study.com Course Code & Name Kaplan University Course Code & Name Credits
Geometry 101: Intro to Geometry (Mathematics Elective) 5
Math 101: College Algebra MM212 : College Algebra 5
Math 102: College Mathematics MM150 : College Mathematics 5
Math 103: Precalculus (Mathematics Elective) 5
Math 104: Calculus (Mathematics Elective) 9
Math 105: Precalculus Algebra (Mathematics Elective) 5
Math 107: Quantitative Literacy (Mathematics Elective) 3
Math 97: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (Mathematics Elective) 3
Math 98: Math for Everyday Life (Mathematics Elective) 5
Math 99: Essentials of Algebra and Statistics (Mathematics Elective) 5
Statistics 101: Principles of Statistics MM207 : Statistics 5
Study.com Course Code & Name Kaplan University Course Code & Name Credits
Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology PS124 : Introduction to Psychology 5
Psychology 102: Educational Psychology (Social Science Elective) 5
Psychology 103: Human Growth and Development (Social Science Elective) 5
Psychology 104: Social Psychology (Social Science Elective) 5
Psychology 105: Research Methods in Psychology (Social Science Elective) 5
Psychology 106: Abnormal Psychology (Social Science Elective) 5
Psychology 107: Life Span Developmental Psychology (Social Science Elective) 5
Psychology 108: Psychology of Adulthood and Aging (Social Science Elective) 5
Psychology 301: Industrial/Organizational Psychology PS390 : Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology 6
Psychology 312: History and Systems of Psychology PS210 : History of Psychology 5
Study.com Course Code & Name Kaplan University Course Code & Name Credits
Biology 101: Intro to Biology (Science Elective) 5
Biology 102: Basic Genetics (Science Elective) 5
Biology 103: Microbiology SC246 : Fundamentals of Microbiology 5
Biology 105: Anatomy & Physiology (Science Elective) 5
Biology 106: Pathophysiology (Science Elective) 5
Chemistry 101: General Chemistry SC156 : Principles of Chemistry 5
Earth Science 101: Earth Science (Science Elective) 5
Environmental Science 101: Environment and Humanity SC225 : Environmental Science - Ecosystems, Resources and Carbon Footprints 5
Genetics 101: Intro to Genetics (Science Elective) 5
Geology 101: Physical Geology (Science Elective) 5
Health 101: Principles of Health (Open Elective) 5
Health 103: Medical Terminology (Open Elective) 3
Nursing 301: Nursing Informatics (Open Elective) 5
Nutrition 101: Science of Nutrition SC115 : Principles of Nutrition 5
Physics 101: Intro to Physics (Science Elective) 5
Science 101: Intro to Natural Sciences (Science Elective) 5
Science 102: Principles of Physical Science (Science Elective) 5
Study.com Course Code & Name Kaplan University Course Code & Name Credits
Criminal Justice 101: Intro to Criminal Justice CJ101 : Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 5
Criminal Justice 104: Introduction to Criminology CJ102 : Criminology I 5
Education 101: Foundations of Education (Open Elective) 5
Education 103: Classroom Management (Open Elective) 5
Education 104: Differentiated Instruction (Open Elective) 5
Education 105: Special Education History & Law (Open Elective) 5
Education 106: Introduction to Early Childhood Education CE101 : Introduction to Early Childhood Education 5
Geography 101: Human & Cultural Geography (Social Science Elective) 5
Political Science 102: American Government SS236 : People, Power and Politics - An Introduction to American Government 5
Sociology 101: Intro to Sociology (Social Science Elective) 5
Sociology 103: Foundations of Gerontology (Social Science Elective) 5

Credits are Quarter credits

70% minimum grade required to transfer credit to Kaplan University

Click here for more details about how you can earn credit

Find Your Program:

  • For those who are interested in a career in public service or environmental protection, Kaplan University offers bachelor and master's degree programs in political science, public policy, public administration and environmental policy. Master's degree specializations like criminal justice and governmental management allow students to focus on the areas of study that interest them most.

  • BS in Environmental Policy and Management
  • *While many of Kaplan University's degree programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue continued graduate- or doctorate-level education, the University cannot guarantee that students will be granted admission to any graduate or doctoral programs.

  • At Kaplan University, students interested in fire and emergency services study to gain the skills they need to earn their associates or bachelor's degree. Curriculum follows the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) national model, including topics in interagency coordination, fire prevention, fire-incident command, life-safety education, and arson investigation.

  • AAS in Fire Science
  • Associate of Science in Fire Science
  • AAS in Criminal Justice
  • CCAF - Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative Program (AUABC)

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