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Are you preparing to take a DSST exam and need help earning a passing score? has you covered! We offer dozens of comprehensive DSST courses that provide all of the tools and resources you need to succeed.

DSST tests are fantastic cost-effective options for accelerating the process of obtaining a college degree. By earning a passing score for these tests you could receive semester credits from one of more than 1,900 colleges and universities. We make your preparations for DSST exams fun and easy and ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to earn the highest score possible. With help from, you're only steps away from achieving your educational goals!

Here are just a few ways to benefit from our DSST courses:

  • Practice tests: Our courses include full-length practice tests designed to familiarize you with the style, format and content of actual DSST tests. Our tests pinpoint your areas of strength and identify the best ways to improve your knowledge of concepts you don't fully grasp.
  • Full courses: Our full DSST courses offer engaging video lessons and printable text lessons you can study as often as you'd like to build your mastery of key exam concepts.
  • Informational resources: Our collection of informational DSST resources provide general information about the program, its exams and how it differs from CLEP. You'll learn all about DSST scores, where to find local testing centers, when tests are offered and how best to study for the exams.

To begin your DSST test prep process with, take one of our free 15-question practice tests. These tests serve as miniature versions of our full-length practice tests and provide you with a quick snapshot of your current understanding of exam concepts. Browse our courses to locate one that correlates with your chosen exam, then take the accompanying free practice test. Upon completion, you'll receive a diagnostic report that explains your correct answers and offers recommendations in our courses for ways to strengthen your overall knowledge.

After signing up with, you will gain full access to all of the DSST practice tests, courses and informational resources in our courses. Use the courses to go over all exam concepts or review specific concepts that need the most study time. Take multiple-choice quizzes accompanying course lessons to track your progress and improve any areas of weakness. Feel free to utilize as many practice tests as you'd like to ensure you're ready to address questions on your exam. You can even use our onscreen timer to check your testing speeds!

Our study schedule planner makes it easy to stay on top of your studies and complete your test preparations by a desired date. Simply share your preferred test prep completion date with us and we'll send you email reminders to help you stay on track. We offer a convenient mobile app that lets you access all of our test prep tools and resources on the go. Don't let a busy schedule or time away from your home computer hinder your studies! If you hit a snag during your review of our courses or need to clarify specific lesson topics, don't hesitate to reach out to our online tutors. They're accessible 24 hours a day!

Our courses serve as a one-stop shop for DSST prep, providing you with the courses, practice tests and informational resources you need to succeed. Getting started is completely risk-free, so take one of our free 15-question practice tests today!

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