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DSST Test Dates

DSST tests are available at official testing centers on various dates. Read on to learn how to find convenient DSST test dates, where you may take tests, what to expect on your test day, and how to prepare for your DSST exams.

DSST Exam Locations

Find out where you can take a DSST exam with this article. You'll learn how to register for these assessments and what you need to do before test day to get the score you want.

Finding Local DSST Testing Centers

The DSST credit-by-examination program allows students to earn college credit by passing standardized tests in specific subject areas. Get details on where DSST tests are administered, how to schedule one, what exams are available and how to prepare for them.

Study.com DSST Scholarship: Application Form & Information

Are you looking for a scholarship to help you prep for the DSST? Study.com is proud to announce three scholarships to support DSST test takers while they prepare for this credit-granting exam.

How Does DSST Scoring Work?

The scores you earn on DSST tests can help you earn college credit. Read on to learn how DSST scores work and how to achieve passing scores on these tests.

DSST tests are available at official testing centers on various dates. Read on to learn how to find convenient DSST test dates, where you may take tests, what to expect on your test day, and how to prepare for your DSST exams.

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The DSST exams originated in 1974 with DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) and were offered to military service members seeking to earn academic credit. Nowadays, featuring over 30 lower and upper division courses and accepted at over 1900 institutions across the United States, the DSST exams are a great way for any student - military personnel or civilian - to earn college credit beyond the traditional classroom setting. If you're getting ready to take a DSST exam, Study.com has all the resources you need to prepare for test day.

In addition to a full review of the content you need to know for your exam, each DSST study guide includes a wealth of general information resources relating to the DSST itself. Learn what the DSST is all about, what makes it different from other credit-by-examination tests (such as CLEP) and what you need to know beforehand to ensure preparedness for test day. We'll also show you how to find a testing center and the dates you can take the test, how to register and what to do if you need special accommodations or to reschedule. Also included are tips and tricks for making the most of your study time, as well as a primer on understanding how the DSST is scored.

Our test information pages are only one tool included in our online DSST study guides, which contain content resources and study aids designed to help you achieve your best score. Begin with the comprehensive review of exam content you'll gain from working through our DSST prep courses. We pack everything you'll encounter on the exam into bite-sized video lessons that not only make studying fun, but easy to fit into any schedule. Our customizable study planning tools and 24/7 access to our team of subject experts add further flexibility to your test preparation, while giving you the freedom to check your own progress with lesson quizzes and more advanced full-length DSST practice tests. Designed to mimic the format of the real DSST, you'll familiarize yourself with the style of the exam as you challenge your mind and review what you've learned.

Because all of our contents are totally online, preparing for the DSST is always just a click away. You can even access your prep materials from your mobile phone! Ready to get started? There's a free 15-question DSST practice test waiting for you. With absolutely no obligation to join and a money back guarantee if you do, we'll tell you about your strengths in your chosen subject, your weaknesses and the recommended areas to begin your review. Give it a try today!

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