Elkhart, Indiana (IN) Colleges and Universities

While there are only 2 schools in Elkhart, there are 12 more schools located within a 15-mile radius. Read about the top schools in several categories, including closest schools to Elkhart and lowest costs, to find the school for you.

A handful of postsecondary schools are located in and around Elkhart, Indiana. To help students make an informed academic choice, we compare some of these institutions from information collected by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Closest Schools to Elkhart, Indiana

The schools that are closest to Elkhart are mostly private, for-profit schools. The majority of these schools only offer undergraduate degrees, but a few offer graduate level degree programs too.

  • Harrison College-Elkhart (2.5 miles from downtown)
  • Bethel College-Indiana (9.9 miles from downtown)
  • Goshen College (10.9 miles from downtown)
  • Brown Mackie College-South Bend (12.1 miles from downtown)
  • Indiana University-South Bend (13.8 miles from downtown)

Largest Schools Near Elkhart, Indiana

For students concerned with the size of a school, Elkhart and the surrounding area offers schools ranging from around 100 students up to about 12,000 students. The larger schools are primarily 4-year institutions.

  • University of Notre Dame (12,179 students)
  • Indiana University-South Bend (7,859 students)
  • Bethel College-Indiana (1,792 students)
  • Saint Mary's College (1,519 students)
  • Goshen College (843 students)

Lowest Net Cost

The NCES calculates net cost based on subtracting the average financial aid received by full-time undergraduate students from the cost of attendance. In the Elkhart area, the net cost of college is under $28,000, according to the NCES for 2014-2015.

  • Indiana University-South Bend ($9,296)
  • Bethel College-Indiana ($18,079)
  • Brown Mackie College-South Bend ($18,825)
  • Goshen College ($18,878)
  • University of Notre Dame ($26,698)

Highest Graduation Rate

The overall graduation rate of a school is determined by the NCES based on the percentage of full-time undergraduate students who complete their degree programs in 150% of 'normal' time (e.g. 6 years for a 4-year degree). In Elkhart colleges, graduation rates ranged from under 25% to 97% for 2014.

  • University of Notre Dame (97% graduation rate)
  • Saint Mary's College (79% graduation rate)
  • Goshen College (66% graduation rate)
  • Bethel College-Indiana (64% graduation rate)
  • Brown Mackie College-South Bend (32% graduation rate)

Students can help narrow their search for schools in the Elkhart, IN, area using location, size, price, and graduation rates to compare public and private school options.

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