Energy Modalities Course Descriptions

Energy modalities are alternative medical therapies based on the movement of energy in the body. Courses and programs in this field are offered at some colleges and may be part of a longer course of study in alternative healing or holistic medicine.

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Essential Information

Training in methods that employ energy modalities like Reiki, reflexology, or craniosacral therapy are intended to give practitioners the communication skills to work with patients to discover the source of pain or blockages. Students are also offered training in specific techniques depending on the type of energy modality studied. Many energy modalities are practiced with the intention of healing others, but classes like Tai Chi are offered to promote the student's own energy balance and self-healing.

Classes in energy modalities may be part of a longer holistic healing program, or may be offered as stand-alone courses. Degrees are not commonly offered in energy modalities, such as Reiki, reflexology and Tai Chi, but specialized certifications in each therapy are offered through some colleges and community programs. Here are some main topics that you'll encounter when studying energy modality therapies:

  • Reikei
  • Polarity therapy
  • Craniosacral massage techniques
  • Reflexology
  • Tai Chi

List of Energy Modality Courses

Reiki Course

Training in Reiki provides students with the knowledge of stress reduction and healing promotion through placing energy back into a patient's body. Whether touching a client or not, students learn to remove energy blockages and help clients to connect to their higher consciousness. Students learn how to communicate with their clients to understand where blockages may be located.

Polarity Course

Polarity is a hands-on energy modality that helps energy from the universe enter a patient's body through the chakras. Students discover how to use verbal interaction, touch and exercise to restore a fluid movement of energy in a client. This class is rare in colleges but provides a wide knowledge base in energy modalities.

Craniosacral Course

Through examination of cranial-sacral massage, students learn how to release stress in clients and return the flow of fluid and energy from the brain to the spine. Since this is a sensitive area to touch, students learn how to work with clients and how to adjust the pressure that they use. Students discover how to find and listen to the cranial-sacral pulse and how to relieve blockages from the flow.

Reflexology Course

Reflexology is perhaps one of the most well-known energy modalities. Reflexology students learn the ten longitudinal zones of the body and pressure points in the feet, face, hands and ears that reflect the body. Students learn how to apply pressure and gentle movements to each area to help ease emotional pain and stress as well as energy blockages.

Tai Chi Course

Students learn basic and advanced movements of Tai Chi in this course through books and demonstration. Analysis of yin and yang energy and how to balance these in the body and universe is covered. Students may also discover how the graceful and guided movements of Tai Chi imitate and unite humans with animals. This course is often offered through community programs, yet is not usually taught for the purpose of usage on others. Students must be careful when considering a Tai Chi course, since many are taught as a recreational class.

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