Finish Carpentry Coursework Information

Finish carpentry classes are offered at technical schools and colleges. Take a look at the article below for some essential details about finish carpentry classes and get some course descriptions for classes in this field.

Essential Information

Finish carpenters cut and assemble wood products, including cabinetry and furniture. Classes in this field introduce students to the safety precautions, procedures and techniques used in finish carpentry and provide practical experience for students in the use of saws, joiners, sanders, planers and other tools.

Students of finish carpentry can find a wide-range of courses offerings, but complete degree programs in finish carpentry are rare. Degrees in construction with a concentration in finish carpentry are sometimes offered, but certificate programs are more common in this field.

Check out some of the topics you can learn below:

  • Door hangings
  • Roofing
  • Scales
  • Inflation
  • Rise and run
  • Wall coverings

List of Courses

Interior Finish Course

This course provides a background on interior finish carpentry. Topics studied include job-related terms, and materials and tools often used in interior carpentry. Students will examine ceiling and wall coverings, door hangings and standing/running trims. This course, sometimes offered as a separate certificate program or seminar, prepares students to work in the field of interior finish carpentry and find work with contractors.

Exterior Finish Course

Whether completed as a stand-alone course or a certificate program, this course provides students with the knowledge needed to work in the exterior finish carpentry field. Through this course, students study the exterior types of construction, including siding, roofing, trimming and building decks. Students study the common jargon, materials and equipment used when working outdoors in this field.

Stair Construction Course

Through study of the construction of new stairs, students learn how to maintain codes and follow building rules and regulations. Students learn how to calculate the rise and run of stairs. Students examine the various stair styles and how to build them while maintaining building standards.

Blueprint Reading Course

Students concentrate on learning how to read residential and commercial blueprints. In this course, students study alphabet lines, floor plans and electrical symbols, scales, elevations and details. Understanding terms and architecture descriptions is vital for competent carpenters. This course is required for almost all carpentry programs.

Cabinetry Course

In a cabinetry course students learn how to build and install kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Students look at prefab cabinets and how they fit into spaces. Students may look at how to customize prefab cabinets for a client as well as how to create customized cabinets from raw materials. Students will also study how cabinets must integrate with appliances, electrical wiring and plumbing.

Cost Estimating Course

Through this essential course, students learn how to examine a potential construction project to measure the cost and materials needed. Students study materials and estimation equations that will help a contractor in the field. Students learn to take into account the economy and material inflation or deflation. Some courses teach students how to offer cost-cutting solutions for clients while maintaining building integrity.

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