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If you are interested in preparing for a Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) test, this is the perfect place for you. has free FTCE practice tests and an entire suite of lessons and tools designed to help you pass your FTCE test. And passing the test is becoming harder and harder.

Recent changes to FTCE tests have resulted in an increased rate of failure. For some tests, the failure rate has increased quite dramatically. For example, the FTCE General Knowledge Reading section had a pass rate of 84% in 2013. By 2016, that passing rate had decreased to just 60% of test takers. That is a dramatic difference, but it is fairly representative of the shift in overall FTCE pass rates. For all tests, the pass rate was 85% in 2013 but only 64% in 2016. That's almost 30,000 additional people that had to retake their FTCE test.

Fortunately, FTCE test takers have a proven resource available to them. has helped thousands of Florida educators pass their FTCE exams. Our FTCE resources have been custom created by experts specifically for FTCE test takers. Each FTCE Study Guide has been designed to match the content found on the actual FTCE test. When you use FTCE test prep, you'll be studying the smart, fun, and efficient way. We guarantee it.

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It's simple. We offer the best FTCE Test prep you will find anywhere.

Our custom FTCE courses offer top quality content that will directly prepare you for your FTCE test, starting with free FTCE practice tests. Our engaging 5-10 minute video lessons make learning fun, and allow you to go at your ideal pace. The mobile app allows you study whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. Simple quizzes every step of the way ensure that you don't miss any key ideas. Realistic FTCE practice tests will equip you with the experience and confidence you need for test day. Our study scheduling tool helps you make an FTCE study schedule and stick to it. If you run into any issues, don't worry. With, you will have access to 24-7 support.

FTCE tests can be difficult. Don't make them harder than they need to be by choosing inferior preparation resources. You will be amazed by how fun and efficiently you can pass your FTCE test by using our FTCE Study Guides. Sign up for FTCE test prep today. With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Teachers recommend for FTCE test prep

It was difficult trying to find all of the resources I needed in one place. I could find a textbook that had the information but no practice questions, or find "FTCE" specific products that would have practice questions but the written lessons would be lacking. I could find videos on parts of the material but not others. I really enjoyed the videos with the text transcripts and having quizzes at the end that really helped me check to see how well I understood the material.

Jamilet Z.
Passed - FTCE Biology Grades 6-12
Jamilet Z. takes you through each one of the listed subjects on the FTCE page and caters to your learning style. They offer a video, transcript of the video, quizzes, and review test at the end of each unit. Seriously the best study guide I have ever used. I will definitely use this for my General Knowledge test!! Thank you for literally saving my career!

Jacqueline C.
Passed - FTCE Middle Grades General Science 5-9
Jacqueline C.

With what helped was the videos. The videos explained everything in detail and had math problems to solve along with the video. After the video they have quizzes to make sure you fully understand the material. If I failed the quiz I would go back and watch the video and then finally pass the quiz with 100%. I would sometimes print the quizzes so I could keep practicing at random times just to make sure I fully understood everything.

Yazmin E.
Passed - FTCE Mathematics
Yazmin E.

I had downloaded the state study guide but it wasn't effective. Once I started with I was able to study in between classes and during my planning period. I was also able to study while running errands with my wife. The practice tests and quizzes were highly effective and gave me confidence to take the test.

Martin M.
Passed - FTCE Business Education 6-12
Martin M.
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