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Take our comprehensive GACE practice tests to get ready for your upcoming GACE exam. If you want to become a state-certified teacher in Georgia, you may need to pass the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE). These assessments can cover an extensive amount of information, which is why we've created comprehensive practice tests for approximately 80 GACE tests and subtests.

Completing these practice tests while you study will help you get comfortable with the GACE exam question formats, content, style and difficulty level. The practice tests were designed to emulate the experience of taking actual GACE exams, so you'll feel confident on test day. The practice tests are prefect for identifying information you already know and pinpointing the concepts you need to study. Many students choose to take a practice exam before and after they've studied so they know where to focus and how much they've improved. To help you with this, our practice test diagnostic reports provide topic-level information you can use to streamline your study time.

To start, we invite you to take a free 15-question GACE practice test. This abridged version of our fully-developed practice tests offers an initial report of your strengths and weaknesses. Similar to the GACE question style and format, these free 15 practice test questions serve as the first step in your test preparation experience. Based on your results, we'll give you a suggested path of study to help you boost your score on exam day.

Once you have your free practice test results, you can join us to get access to your full GACE practice tests and study guides. Our study guides offer engaging video courses with short lessons, self-assessments, transcripts and chapter exams that help you review the topics you'll need to know for your GACE test. Our GACE courses can be accessed whenever you have time to study, and they're available on any computer or mobile device. This flexibility enables you to study at home or on your smartphone at a time that's right for you.

If you'd like to know about GACE certification requirements, passing scores and registration logistics, we've also created a wealth of informational GACE resources that cover important details about these assessments. We'll also make sure you don't fall behind on your studies by sending you daily email reminders with custom study schedules.

We're so confident in our GACE study guides that we offer a money-back guarantee on membership. If you'd like to get started, take your free 15-question GACE practice test today!

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