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Are you planning on taking a GACE exam but don't know where to start? Let us help you with our thorough and engaging GACE study guides! We offer everything you need to study for your GACE exam and master all the information on the test. Our study guides are aligned closely with the content that appears on these Georgia teacher certification exams, and they include expertly taught video lessons, quizzes, practice tests and other GACE resources available whenever you need them.

If you're ready to begin your test preparation journey, take our free 15-question GACE practice exam! After completing the test, you'll instantly receive a diagnostic assessment highlighting your understanding of GACE exam concepts. Review the report to get a sense of what you already know and what concepts you need to study. We'll then suggest study materials designed to fill in any knowledge gaps and help you boost your exam score.

Next, continue your GACE exam preparation by signing up for a membership. This membership offers full access to our GACE study guides, full practice tests, and more. Our study guides come with a custom study schedule to keep you on track as your test date approaches. Simply enter the date of your exam, and the study schedule will send you regular reminders of when to study. Our study guides are also flexible and fully-online, so you can prepare for your GACE exam whenever it's convenient.

No two prospective teachers are the same, and neither are two approaches to studying! If you're looking for a comprehensive test preparation experience, you can work through our GACE courses from start to finish. Or, you could use the results from your initial practice test to focus only on the concepts identified by your test diagnostic as areas of greatest score impact. Either way, you'll be reviewing the knowledge that matters most to you and staying on top of your studies.

After working through our engaging video lessons and quizzes, try our full GACE practice exams to apply your knowledge and better understand the GACE exam format, style and difficulty. Taking these practice tests will show you which concepts you've mastered and which topics you should review. If you have questions along the way, feel free to reach out to our expert tutors. They'll be happy to help!

Ready to get started on your GACE exam preparation? The first step is to take your free 15-question GACE practice test and get your initial diagnostic assessment. There's no risk involved, and no signup required.

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