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Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of studying for the GED? We can help! Our complete GED courses give you everything you need to prepare for this high school diploma equivalency exam. Our thorough, engaging and informative courses offer video courses, practice tests and informational GED resources that cover all the information you need to know for the GED. Available online at any time, you can prepare for the GED wherever and whenever it's convenient!

To start getting ready for the GED, take our free 15-question GED practice test. Designed in the style of actual GED questions, this short practice test will give you a report of your current knowledge levels. We'll tell you what concepts you've already mastered, and which GED topics you should study next. You'll get suggestions on how to prepare efficiently and how to focus on topics that will most impact your GED score.

The practice tests are a great first-step in a full GED preparation plan. As a member, you'll receive access to comprehensive GED courses, GED practice exams and other test preparation resources. When you know your exam date, use our study tools to set up a custom study schedule with regular reminders. That way you'll know when and what to study!

Once you're set up with our courses, you can decide how you approach your GED studies. Our test prep courses were crafted to be as flexible as possible. You might work through your course from start to finish, or you could focus on the sections that your free diagnostic report highlighted as areas of weakness. Study in the morning, on your lunch break, or after work. With short video lessons that break big ideas into small pieces, you can review lessons in short increments or in longer study sessions. No matter what you choose, you'll review essential GED concepts and strengthen your knowledge.

After all your preparation, take one of our full GED practice exams. These practice assessments are designed to simulate the experience of taking the actual GED. You'll get familiar with the question types, difficulty level, and content of the GED, and your immediate test results will pinpoint which topics you need keep reviewing. Have a question along the way? Simply reach out to our expert academic tutors to get a quick answer.

Ready to get started? Begin preparing for the GED today by taking our 15-question GED practice test. There's no risk involved and it's completely free!

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