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Study.com offers GED practice tests to identify your areas of strength and weakness

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To feel confident on your GED test day, take our in-depth GED practice tests! Passing the GED exam will earn you a General Education Development (GED) certificate, which is accepted as the equivalent of a high school diploma by most colleges and employers. To help you remember all the information you'll need to know for the test, we've created comprehensive GED practice tests for different GED sections, including math, science, social studies and language arts.

No one likes surprises on test day. That's why we suggest taking several GED practice tests while studying to get familiar with the concepts you'll be tested on, the question formats, and the test difficulty level. As you progress through your GED courses, take the practice tests to see which concepts you've mastered, and which may require more study time. Our practice tests also provide diagnostic reports that identify your areas of strength and weakness, which can help make your test preparation experience more efficient and effective.

Ready to get started? Simply take our free 15-question GED practice test. Like our larger GED practice tests, this sample version tells you where you stand even before you start studying for the GED. We'll provide you with a report that reveals what you already know and recommends a study path with the specific subjects that will most impact your score.

Your diagnostic report is only the first step in a complete GED prep program. As a Study.com member, you'll get access to our full GED practice exams and customized GED study guides tailored to your specific needs. You'll also get access to extensive video courses, quizzes, transcripts and GED tutoring. You can access these study guide materials any time that fits your schedule and on any device. Based on your schedule, you may decide to study in continuous sessions or review GED lessons during your work breaks. Whatever you choose, you'll have the options you need to fit your preferences.

Study.com also has an extensive collection of informational GED resources to help you prepare for the exam. These articles highlight important information about GED passing scores, test dates, registration, testing centers and much more.

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