GED Test Results: How to Find and Interpret Your Score?

Aug 08, 2018

You can obtain a transcript of your GED scores by contacting your testing center. Find answers to questions about the exam, and learn more about how to pass.

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Getting Your GED Score

The GED exam is a series of tests in science, math, social studies, and language arts that measure the skills typically acquired in secondary school. It was created by the American Council on Education (ACE) and is designed for adults who don't have a high school diploma. Using a score report, provided by the GED testing service, GED test takers can figure out how well they did on each section and pinpoint areas where they might need to retake the exam.

Most General Educational Development (GED) test takers will automatically receive their score report after taking the exam. Students may also request an additional transcript of their scores by contacting Testing Services online. A GED transcript request form is available on the ACE website for individuals in correctional facilities, military personnel, and other overseas test takers as well.

Students who plan to use their GED scores to apply to a college or university will need to follow the same procedures to have a copy of their GED transcripts sent to the admissions offices.

What Your Score Means

Each section of the GED is assigned a separate score. The GED testing service designates four levels, depending on the range in which the student scores. The first level is GED College Ready + Credit (175-200). If the student scores within this range, they have demonstrated their proficiency in the skills that are taught at the college level. Some postsecondary institutions award up to three credits for test takers who achieve this score range. Next is GED College Ready (165-174). At this level, test takers have demonstrated that they have the skills necessary for success in college or in the workplace. The third level is GED Passing Score (145-164). Earning a passing score shows that the student has the same skills as are expected of a high school graduate. Finally, we have Below Passing (100-144). Students who score below passing need to retake the test to demonstrate their skills.

The GED testing service also provides an enhanced score report that can be extremely helpful for test takers who are trying to understand their scores. In addition to the score itself, the score report highlights the specific skill areas in which the student can improve, and it even provides an individualized plan of study that they can use to get ready for a retake. The score report also allows test takers to review their written response on the reading and language arts section in order to find out what they did well on and where they can improve their writing.

Students who pass this exam receive a high school equivalency credential that, according to ACE, is accepted by the vast majority of employers and colleges in the U.S. Although ACE monitors the GED, it is administered by individual states at testing centers, community colleges, and high schools.

Retaking the Test

Students who did not receive a passing standard score can retake the content area tests two more times before a waiting period is enforced. After their third attempt, they will need to wait 60 days before trying again. Most students will only need to retake the individual subject area tests that they did not pass. Final scores represent a combination of students' scores on the areas they passed during their first tests and passing scores from re-tests.

Students who need to retake one or more GED content areas should contact the center from which they previously took the exam in order to schedule a retake. They may also consider pursuing GED study options, such as online practice tests and preparation courses.

After completing the GED exam, test takers are automatically issued a score report, which provides information to help them interpret their raw scores, including an enhanced score report. Those who scored below passing can prepare to retake sections of the exam on which they were unsuccessful.

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