Global Technology Training Programs and Requirements

Training programs in global technology are master's level degree programs that emphasize either public policy or international development perspectives. Students who pursue studies in global technology spend about three years learning about how society, globalization and technology interact and affect each other.

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Essential Information

Professionals seeking to help companies expand into foreign markets can pursue training in technology development and implementation that includes an emphasis on international markets. Generally, this type of education is offered at the graduate level to students with bachelor's degrees in international business or public policy, although there are no specific undergraduate degree requirements.

Master's programs in technology with an international emphasis are usually two to three years in length and are available at larger research institutions. Some programs focus on research, while some focus on more practical, business applications while offering international internships for students to build their business development experience.

Master of Science in Technology: Global Technology

A master's program in technology with an emphasis on globalization usually requires 2-3 years of study. The technology emphasis may vary, depending upon a student's interest. Some programs offer a range of courses in commerce, transportation and telecommunications; however, most programs can be customized in consultation with a program adviser. Multidisciplinary courses cover a range of subjects from sustainable development to international politics and prepare students to analyze the implementation of technology in other societies, predict trends and impacts and conduct research.

Job Experience

Aspiring global technologists often complete an international internship in order to acquire hands-on experience. Additionally, many have several years of business development or experience in their technological specialty prior to pursuing higher management positions. Often, global technologists move into consulting roles after several years of experience in the business world.

Workshops and Seminars

Educational opportunities in the form of workshops and seminars are often sponsored by the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT), a research-focused professional organization. Each year, approximately 4-5 conferences are held throughout the world. Additionally, companies often provide regular training opportunities in order to ensure their employees are current on the latest technologies offered to different markets.

Additional Professional Development

Professional global technologists may join IAMOT or take advantage of the numerous journals available for continuing education purposes. Additionally, the constant change in technological advances presents continual learning and research opportunities. Those seeking to expand their careers might pursue training in another language or pursue additional training in a new technological specialty.

Global technology training is a master's level research program that teaches students various aspects of how business and technology intersect in the international market.

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