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GRE Exam Registration Information

The registration process for the GRE can vary, depending on which form of the test you take. Some restrictions apply and, if you require special accommodations, you will need to fill out additional forms. Read on to learn more.

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GRE Registration Fee

The GRE has one standard registration fee, regardless of where you take the exam. Additional fees will apply if you choose to change the date or testing location. Read on to learn more.

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GRE Scores Percentile Information

The GRE exam has differing percentile rankings for each section. This article gives you a look at how your score stacks up against others when you get your official results a few weeks after your exam. You'll also find info on study resources you can use to help you get ready for the exam and potentially improve your score.

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GRE Test Registration Dates

When you can register for the GRE depends on whether you register for a computer-based test or a paper-based test. Find out more about test registration dates, registration and payment options and prep methods for taking the GRE below.

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Finding GRE Test Centers and Dates

Determining when and where to take the GRE is an important step in test preparation. Learn how to find the right date and location for the GRE general test and the GRE subject tests, as well as helpful study tips.

GRE Resources

Get Started Towards GRE Exam Preparation Today

Make your preparations for the GRE General Test or a GRE Subject Test simple with help from Study.com! We offer numerous study tools to ensure your GRE prep is on the right track. If you’re just beginning the process and want to know what to expect before, during and after exam day, we have you covered! Our informational GRE resources provide an overview that will ensure you’re ready to meet your goal of earning a passing score and gaining admission to your desired business, law or graduate school.

Here are just a few reasons to take advantage of our GRE resources:

  • Learn the basics: Our resources share general information about GRE scores, costs, registration and the retake policy.
  • Discover what to expect: Find out how to make test accommodations, and learn what to expect and how best to prepare for exam day.
  • Access study tips: Explore fantastic tips and strategies you can use to effectively study for and succeed on your GRE exam.

These informational resources can help you feel confident in your knowledge of all things GRE! But our test prep options don't end there. Our GRE study guides, which house our informational resources, include entertaining video lessons and full-length practice tests designed to get you up to speed with each exam's content and questions. By signing up with Study.com, you can gain full access everything our study guides have to offer!

Our GRE courses are designed to ensure you are fully knowledgeable of all topics covered on the exam you plan to take. Each course features numerous lessons that closely examine concepts you will see on exam day. The lessons are available to watch as fun videos or read as printable full transcripts. Multiple-choice quizzes make it easy to check your comprehension of each lesson and gauge your overall course progress. You can also reach out to online tutors with any questions that can help you gain the best understanding of the exam's content!

To find out how comfortable you are with the GRE's question format and confirm your knowledge of main topics, be sure to take our full-length GRE practice tests. The entertaining tests are filled with questions that mimic the content, format and style of actual GRE exam questions. After completing each test, you will receive immediate feedback via a complete diagnostic report. This report pinpoints the questions you've answered correctly and links you to lessons in our courses that can effectively strengthen any areas of weakness.

Not sure if Study.com's GRE prep is right for you? Taking one of our free 15-question practice tests can provide insight into the many ways we can aid your study process. Browse our guides to locate one that correlates with your exam then take the free practice test. You'll receive a diagnostic report that explains your current knowledge of key concepts and directs you to Study. com tools and resources that can get your study process on the right track!

Other ways to make the most of our GRE test prep options include utilizing our mobile app and study planner. Download the mobile app to access our study guides from any smartphone or tablet, and use the study planner to receive email reminders that ensure you never fall behind in your preparation schedule.

By taking advantage of our GRE resources, courses and practice tests, you can walk into your test center with confidence that you'll ace the exam. Starting your preparations with us requires no obligations, so begin by taking one of our free practice tests today!

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