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I love your videos. The video courses break down subjects I have never been introduced to and put them in a way I can understand and remember.

James T. S.
James T. S.
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Medulla oblongata
The medulla oblongata is located in the hindbrain, anterior to the cerebellum
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HESI Exam Study Guide HESI Exam Study Guide Jan 15, 2020 Jan 15, 2020

Pass your Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) exam the fun and easy way with

Our video lessons, practice tests, and 24-7 support will help you pass the HESI exam. We guarantee it.

Have you decided to take the Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) exam but you don't how to start preparing? Don't worry! Let walk you through the process of getting ready for the exam. We know you want to do your best on the exam, and we'll make sure you review all the concepts that you need to know. We offer comprehensive test suites that are aligned with HESI math, science, anatomy, physics and more. We also offer a money-back guarantee, so there's absolutely no risk involved!

Our HESI study guide is the foundation of your test preparation. As you work through this course, you'll watch lessons taught by subject matter experts and read through the optional printable transcripts. The course content was developed to closely match the topics that appear on the HESI exam, so you can be sure you're studying information that matters.

Our lessons also come with self-assessments that help you reinforce your understanding of the material while you study. As you work through your course, take the chapter exam and final course assessments to master the information. You'll also find a variety of informational HESI resources that explain important details about the purpose, scope and content of the HESI exam. Simply read through these articles to learn about the HESI structure and score.

When you're ready to get started, try the free HESI practice exam on This 15-question practice test will present questions in the same style as the real HESI questions. You'll get an initial assessment of your areas of strength and weakness, and we'll identify the subject areas that you'll need to spend the most time studying. From there, you'll be invited to sign up for a membership and get full access to complete HESI practice exams. These practice tests will help you track your progress and get comfortable with the HESI test style, difficulty and question formats. Our expert tutors are also available to answer any questions you may have about the HESI exam. If you get stuck on a difficult topic, don't hesitate to reach out!

We know that it can be difficult to fit study time into your schedule, which is why we offer a customized study schedule that sends you reminders of what you need to study each day. Just tell us the date of your exam, and we'll take care of the rest. Study at home, work or school on any desktop or laptop, or download the mobile app to review HESI concepts when you're on the go! It's easy to study wherever and whenever you want.

Ready to get started? Take your free HESI practice test now to begin your test preparation experience. Once you answer 15 short questions, you'll one step closer to your career as a nurse or allied health professional. There's no risk involved so take your free HESI practice test now!

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I love your videos. They really make learning easy and fun. The video courses break down subjects I have never been introduced to and put them in a way I can understand and remember. Thank you for providing this fantastic study tool. I tell all my friends about your amazing site!

James T. S.
Passed - CLEP Principles of Management
James T. S. has helped prepare me to take the GED exam. I have only been using this site for less than a month and I have already passed one of four tests for my GED.

Sharnette L.
Passed - GED Study Guide
Sharnette L.

I have a horrible AP history teacher who teaches us nothing I was so worried about the AP exam but now with I feel so much better and way more prepared. Thank you!!!!

Kellie J.
Kellie J.

I always received poor grades in History. really helped me learn the material and I received my highest CLEP score ever!

Sharla W.
Passed - CLEP History of the United States I
Sharla W.
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