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  • Full academic curriculum for grades 3–12 and beyond
  • Engaging instruction for multiple learning styles
  • Study scheduling helps students stay on course for success
  • Automatic grading easily tracks progress
  • Access to expert instructors, available 24/7
  • Mobile app enables students to learn anytime, anywhere
  • College credit available with the College Accelerator option's Online Homeschool Programs Used by Over 32,000 Families

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  • Comprehensive course coverage
  • 25,000 lessons tailored to your child's learning style with videos, transcripts, and flashcards
  • Over 1,000,000 popular homework questions and answers
  • Detailed goal tracking and progress reporting for each course
  • Quizzes and tests are graded automatically
  • On-demand help from expert instructors
  • Certificates of completion

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How to Homeschool FAQ

How do I homeschool?

There are a variety of ways to implement a homeschooling program. First, investigate any state requirements; next, decide on a curriculum that is right for your child. Learn how to get started.

How Does Homeschooling Work?

What are the pros & cons of homeschooling programs?

There are several factors to weigh when making the decision to homeschool your student. Start by considering the state you live in, your budget, and your child's learning style. An informed understanding of the pros and cons may lead to a more successful start with your family's homeschooling program.

Pros & Cons of Homeschooling See all questions and answers

Homeschool Laws by State

Learn all you need to know about your state's homeschool laws.
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