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Want to study for the HSPT, but don't know how? Try out our HSPT flashcards to prepare for the test! Use our digital flashcards to help you review concepts and vocabulary covered on the HSPT. These flashcards are broken down by topics covered on the HSPT such as verbal, language skills and mathematics. That way you can focus on topics where you need the most help or review all the concepts for test day!

Our comprehensive flashcard tool gives you the opportunity to keep track of flashcards you got right and then focus on concepts you still need to study. In addition, if you want to learn more about a concept you are struggling with, just follow the link on the flashcard, which will take you to a lesson with more in depth information on the concept. These lessons are written by subject matter experts who are skilled at teaching complicated concepts in a comprehensive way.

Use our flashcard sets independently or in tandem with our HSPT course. All flashcards concepts are also covered in-depth in our video lessons and quizzes, so you can master the material and test your knowledge. You can further test your knowledge with our full-length practice tests and even get more comfortable with the test with our HSPT informational resources. Get started today by taking our free 15-question HSPT practice test to learn your areas of strengths & weaknesses, so you can begin your preparation.

Once you learn through the results of your practice test what you should study next, sign up for to unlock all the features we offer to help you prepare for the HSPT. With our customizable study pathways, you have the freedom to choose how you want to proceed. You may choose to take a full-length practice test or simply start by going through the lessons of our HSPT course. Regardless of the path you choose, we will support you along the way! We even have expert tutors available 24/7 to ensure you get all of your questions answered as you study.

Are you in a time crunch before taking the HSPT exam? We offer an easy to use study tool to help keep you on track as you study. Just enter your start and end dates and we will help plan what you need to study. We even send you email reminders to help hold you accountable. Don't think you have time to sit down at a computer to study for the HSPT? Now you don't need to! We offer a mobile app that allows you to access video lessons & quizzes on the go.

So what are you waiting for? Start your HSPT study journey today by taking our risk-free 15-question practice test!

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