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The IAAP's Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) exam is an eligibility requirement for individuals interested in becoming CAP Certified. There are many options available for prepping for this exam. To help you decide which is right for you, we've compiled this list of prep providers.

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What is the IAAP Exam?

The International Association of Administrative Professionals offers a process for earning the designation of Certified Administrative Professional. An exam is a component of this certification.

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IAAP CAP Resources

Practice tests, video lessons, diagnostic knowledge assessments, and personalized answers help you be ready on test day.

Earning certification as an administrative professional is something that can be accomplished by taking and passing the IAAP CAP exam along with meeting other criteria. As you prepare for the exam, it's a good idea to learn the ins and outs of the exam and what steps you should take prior to, during and after test day. Study.com offers a complete collection of informative resources that get you up to speed with every aspect of the test. IAAP CAP test prep with us can get you on the right track toward passing the exam and securing certification!

Valuable information our IAAP CAP resources provide include the following:

  • Exam overview: Review general information about the test, including its purpose and what it covers.
  • Scoring and cost details: Find out how much the exam costs, and learn about the scoring process and score reports.
  • Registration, accommodations and retake info: Get an overview of the IAAP CAP registration process, discover how to make test accommodations, and go over the retake policy.
  • Study and exam day prep tips: Explore informative study tips and strategies, and learn what to expect and how to prepare for exam day.

In addition to our informational resources, we offer an engaging video course and full-length practice tests – all fully accessible after signing up with Study.com!

Our IAAP CAP course delves into every concept covered on the exam so you have a well-rounded understanding of records and office management, writing for business, project management, communication within organizations and much more. Filled with bite-sized video lessons, the course is fun to review and easy to comprehend. Full transcripts are available to read the lessons as texts, and multiple-choice quizzes make it easy to measure your understanding of lesson concepts.

Refreshing your knowledge of test topics is simple with our full-length IAAP CAP practice tests. Designed to emulate the actual testing experience, questions align with the format, content and style of those found on the exam. Once you've completed each practice test, you will receive instant feedback in the form of a diagnostic report that offers insight into your areas of strength and strategies for improving your knowledge of concepts you don't fully comprehend.

To get an idea of how best to use these amazing study tools and resources, consider taking our free 15-question practice test. You will receive a diagnostic report that showcases your existing knowledge of test concepts and saves valuable time by directing you to materials offering the greatest benefits.

Other perks of our IAAP CAP prep include access to online tutors, a mobile app and study planner. Our tutors can clarify any details presented in the video course, the planner helps keep your study schedule on track with email reminders, and our app allows you to explore test prep materials using any mobile device.

Starting your preparation process with us is free of charge and requires no obligations, so get started now by taking our free practice test!

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