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Chronemics is the study of the role of time in communication
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IAAP CAP Exam Study Guide IAAP CAP Exam Study Guide Jan 28, 2022 Jan 28, 2022 offers everything you need to pass the IAAP CAP Exams

Practice tests, video lessons, diagnostic knowledge assessments, and personalized answers help you be ready on test day.

International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) is a certification option for individuals interested in demonstrating their skills and ongoing education in the field. Securing certification requires meeting eligibility criteria that include taking and passing the IAAP CAP test. makes the exam prep process fun and effective by offering an engaging overview of the test, helpful study tips and more. With our help, you can turn your dream of earning IAAP CAP certification into a reality! offers a complete collection of preparation materials for the CAP exam:

  • Comprehensive practice tests. Take advantage of full-length IAAP CAP practice tests that cover primary concepts explored on the test. Hundreds of questions are available, each mirroring the style, content and format of questions on the exam. The diagnostic report offered upon completion of each practice test lists and explains all correct answers. It also suggests ways to strengthen areas that need more study time.
  • Engaging video course. In our fun IAAP CAP course, you can enjoy short video lessons filled with entertaining overviews of exam topics like technical and business document design, business records management, electronic communication and the basics of time management. A multiple-choice quiz accompanies each video lesson, making it easy to track your progress through the course. You can also benefit from full transcripts that let you read the lessons online or print and review them offline.
  • Informative resources. Get general information about the exam, including what to expect prior to, during and after test day with our IAAP CAP resources. We ensure you know how best to study and prepare for the exam while also offering specific details about IAAP CAP scoring, registration, costs, accommodations and retakes.

Need additional help? Our online tutors are accessible to clarify details presented in the lessons. We make studying on the go simple with an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to explore our IAAP CAP test prep materials using your smartphone or tablet. If you're concerned about falling behind in your study schedule, don't worry! Our customizable planner helps you complete your preparations by your chosen deadline with regular email reminders.

If you're not sure which materials to use first, our free 15-question practice test may be able to guide your decision. The free test checks your understanding of key exam topics and outlines your strengths in a diagnostic report. The report also shares recommended tools and resources that can improve any areas of weakness.

We offer a money-back guarantee that makes exam prep with us completely free of obligations. Our job is to help you meet your IAAP CAP certification goals, so get on the right track by taking our free practice test today!

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