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Aug 03, 2018

Indiana has replaced the GED high school equivalency exam with the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) exam. Read on to learn more about test requirements and Indiana's high school equivalency program.

Indiana's High School Equivalency Program

A high school diploma can boost your job options and open the door to a college education. If you didn't finish high school, you can earn your Indiana High School Equivalency Diploma by passing the TASC Exam.

Anyone who is 18 or older and has been a resident of the state for 30 days prior to testing is eligible to take the TASC Exam. If you are 16-17, you can also take the TASC if you have a letter of recommendation from an Indiana school superintendent. You also cannot be currently enrolled in high school.

TASC Exam Overview

The TASC is separated into five multiple-choice subtests ranging from 50 to 115 minutes in length. The writing subtest also includes an essay. You can take the test in English or Spanish, and you can choose a pencil-and-paper version of TASC, or you can take it on computer. You may also ask to take the test in large print, Braille, or audio versions.

Students who pass the TASC have demonstrated skills and knowledge equivalent to high school graduates. In Indiana, a minimum score of 500 is required on each subtest. The five subject areas covered on the TASC include:


This test section assesses your ability to read, understand and analyze literary and informational texts. Questions will ask you to use context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary terms, identify the author's point of view and central ideas. You will also be asked to draw inferences from texts, determine themes and identify the impact of elements including setting, plot and characterization.


Through a combination of multiple-choice questions and an essay, this subtest evaluates your understanding of English grammar and mechanics. You will also need to understand how supporting evidence, organization and writing style can be used to strengthen a written argument.

Social Studies

The Social Studies subtest measures your ability to understand topics and information on government, geography, economics and events in U.S. and world history. Questions are based on reading passages, graphs, maps and charts.


The science portion of the exam requires you to demonstrate your ability to interpret and evaluate scientific information and to apply principles and concepts. The test covers topics in life sciences, physical science and astronomy.


The Math subtest is designed to allow you to demonstrate your problem-solving skills. Most of the questions involve word problems that describe real-life situations or information presented in charts, graphs and diagrams. The test covers arithmetic, algebra and geometry and questions cover topics such as percents and proportions, linear equations, polynomials and the area and volume of geometric figures. This subtest is divided into two sections. You can use a calculator for the first section of the test, but not for the second part.

TASC Exam Preparation

Indiana's network of adult education centers offers classes, tutoring and study support for anyone who wants to review and prepare for the TASC Exam. You can find a list of adult education centers through the Indiana Workforce Development website at

Registration and Testing

You can find Indiana test centers and register to take the TASC Exam on the TASC website, You can also contact a local adult education center for help with registration and scheduling. Different centers offer online and paper versions of the TASC exam at different times, and you should check test schedules before registering.

Although different testing centers charge slightly different fees for testing, the cost of the TASC Exam will not exceed $90 in Indiana. For an additional $10 you can take the optional practice tests.

Why Get a High School Equivalency Diploma in Indiana?

According to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, you can expect to get paid $8,000 more per year if you have a high school diploma or its equivalent than if you didn't hold one of these credentials. By taking and passing the TASC, you may not only earn more, but your options for additional education in college open up as well.

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