Iridology Home Study Course and Class Descriptions

Though the field of iridology is unregulated in the U.S., there are a few organizations offering online courses in iridology. Iridology training prepares holistic health practitioners to analyze the structures and patterns in the iris of the eye.

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Online Iridology Courses

Online iridology programs typically consist of one course that addresses all aspects of this field. The following is a brief description of this type of course and what it contains:

  • Introduction to Iridology: This course provides an overview and history of the field of iridology, its practitioners and the controversy surrounding it. Some of the topics for the course include anatomy of the eye, iris photography, tissue health and analysis of the eye in relation to an individual's health.
  • Reams Biological Theory of Ionization: Students in this class will learn about the practice of Reams Testing. This testing method is used to measure bodily fluids for imbalance.
  • Advanced Iridology: For those that have taken the more basic courses, this class explores more advanced methods and terminology regarding traditional iridology, sclerology and personality iridology.

Program Information

Currently, there are several organizations that offer training in iridology taught by holistic health professionals from various fields. Some courses are offered online, and webinars might also be available. Iridology courses are taught by various types of holistic health practitioners, and focus on studying the iris in order to reveal information about body constitution, health levels and transitions in the body. The practice is not regulated by any federal or state governmental organization, and there is little oversight for education in this field.

Iridology courses are available online through holistic health organizations. Students interested in this field of study may learn about the history of iridology, the anatomy of the eye, iris photography and tissue health.

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