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premises Sample set from Course: ISEE Lower Level: Practice & Study Guide
A premise or premiss is a statement that what an argument claims will induce or justify a conclusion
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Studying for the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) and not sure where to start? As students around the United States prepare for this important school entrance and placement exam, they often find that it takes a lot of effort to prepare for either the primary, lower, middle, or upper levels of the ISEE. You might be wondering with so much information on these tests, how can you memorize it all? To help, we suggest using our top quality ISEE flashcards to help you master the key content you'll need to know on test day!

By using our online ISEE flashcard study tool, you'll memorize the important concepts and vocabulary that will help you succeed on the exam. Whichever ISEE you plan to take, you'll know our flashcard sets are focused specifically on the content of your exam. As you study, track which cards you got right and wrong; we'll generate a new flashcard set for you of only those you've missed. If you want to learn more about the topics on the cards, simply click the link for each concept to start learning from an expertly-designed and engaging lesson. Want to make sure you understood the main concepts in the lesson? Just take the short accompanying quiz!

While flashcards are an effective study tool, they work best as a compliment to comprehensive study plans. Fortunately, our ISEE flashcard sets are just one part of our complete ISEE study guides. Each of our ISEE study guides include flashcards sets, a comprehensive ISEE course, video lessons, quizzes, practice tests, informational resources, and study tools. Use our flashcards to help reinforce the information you just learned in a lesson or help you master critical information identified in the results of your practice test. However you choose to study, all the resources in our ISEE study guides are designed to both teach you and test your comprehension of major ISEE reading, writing, and math concepts.

Getting started with our ISEE study guides is easy. Simply take our free 15-question ISEE practice test for the level of ISEE you plan to take, and we'll immediately give you a diagnostic report on how you did. This report includes a summary of your strengths and areas of improvement along with links to related lessons and additional quizzes to help you learn the material. That way, you can focus on just the content that will most improve your chances of getting a top score on the ISEE. Once you have your results, sign up for a membership to receive full-access to our ISEE courses, full practice tests, study tools, and more.

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