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American History Questions and Answers

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Considering the doctrine of loose construction (of the Constitution) applied by Congress in enacting a single piece of legislation, if that law were brought before the Supreme Court (a court that h...
What was the difference between the Committees of Safety and the Committees of Correspondence during the American Revolution?
How did the (Second) Industrial Revolution change American lives through mid 20th century?
Was President Roosevelt justified in trying to expand the size of the Supreme Court? Why or why not?
Explain how a budget can be used to evaluate a manager's performance and provide incentives. Discuss whether setting more challenging budgets would lead to improved performance.
What natural elements helped feed the Industrial Revolution?
a) If the person wants to spend an equal amount of money on both pizza and Pepsi what combination of quantity of both goods needs to be purchased to satisfy the budget constraint? Write the budget...
How did the developments from 1790-1860 (The American Industrial Revolution) change Canadian business and labor? Did both "sides" prosper?
The English colonial empire included many parts of the world. i) Why did the American colonies behave so differently than the other colonies throughout the world? ii) Did the other colonies acc...
Why was Montezuma Castle abandoned?
Characterize the Great Depression in terms of economic statistics. What was the unemployment rate? What happened to GDP?
According to Abraham Lincoln, is the United States Constitution, the checks and balances of the US government helpful or a hindrance?
Explain the five encompassing tendencies of American politics.
How did political witch hunts result in blacklists?
Did Texas gain independence after the Texas Revolution?
Which president created the Corps of Discovery?
What country's motto is Freedom or Death?
When did George Washington give his farewell speech?
What is the overall message of Washington's farewell speech?
Was the Second Bill of Rights passed?
What was FDR's Second Bill of Rights?
Why didn't FDR implement his Second Bill of Rights?
What was Lincoln's main argument in his House Divided speech?
What does "conceived" mean in the Gettysburg Address?
Did Abraham Lincoln write the Gettysburg Address?
Describe the stock market crash of 1929.
How did the decisions made at Yalta and Potsdam conference contribute to the start of the cold war?
What is the ultimate goal or end result of a company's entire budgeting process?
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Explain with an example. A manager says it is too difficult and almost impossible to identify someone who is responsible for the cost variance...
During the pre-industrial era, what were the carbon dioxide levels like?
Discuss the emergent information technologies under The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and how can organizations maximize the benefit of it?
What is American political thought?
When was the Great Chicago Fire?
What is the Dyatlov Pass incident?
How many people died on Bloody Sunday 1965?
When did the United States defeat the Barbary pirates?
Why were bank failures common during the Great Depression?
What jobs did women have during the Great Depression?
What did women do during the Great Depression?
How were women treated during the Great Depression?
How did the Great Depression affect women?
Analyze the president's functions as party chief and super politician.
What were the observations on the Constitution in 1788?
Why did the Democratic-Republican Party fall apart in the 1820s?
How did the Cold War affect the U.S. economy in the early Cold War?
What was a major criticism of FDR's programs to combat the great depression?
The production department of Zan Corporation has submitted the following forecast of units to be produced by quarter for the upcoming fiscal year: 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter U...
As sales manager, Joe Batista was given the following static budget report for selling expenses in the Clothing Department of Soria Company for the month of October. SORIA COMPANY Clothing Departm...
Keggler's Supply is a merchandiser of three different products. The company's February 28 inventories are footwear, 21,500 units; sports equipment, 78,000 units; and apparel, 49,000 units. Manageme...
Did William Pierce own slaves?
What was the biggest outcome of the Italian Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution?
What did Thomas Jefferson do during the War of 1812?
A) What are standard costs? Is a standard different from a budget? B) What happens if they are set too high or too low?
What was the Treaty of Washington?
Did President Thomas Jackson make the Indian Act?
Lincoln fought the American civil war in order to protect the union as it was. Significance?
Did black people from all backgrounds participate in the Civil War? Discuss
What were some of the challenges black soldiers faced joining the military during the Civil War?
Which of the following statements is the most correct regarding the Taxpayer Bill of Rights? A. It states that a taxpayer is responsible for payment of only the correct amount of tax due, no more,...
Which of the following statements is the most correct regarding The Taxpayer Bill of Rights? a.) It states that a taxpayer is responsible for payment of only the correct amount of tax due, no more,...
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