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American Imperialism Video Lessons (6 video lessons)

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American Imperialism Questions and Answers (325 questions and answers)

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What was the imperialist motivation for the Hawaiian annexation?
How many men died in the Franco-Mexican War?
What did Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson's foreign policy have in common?
The Age of Imperialism was primarily between which years?
(a) Write your own definition of imperialism. (b) Use the definition to discuss whether or not the conduct of American foreign relations between 1890 and 1905 was imperialistic. Include the treatme
How did Filipino people end up working in the cannery factories in Alaska?
Trace the path of American imperialism during the period from about 1870 to 1914 through political, military, and economic events. Why was the United States interested in expansion in these areas?
How was the industrialization of the U.S one of the causes of U.S imperialism?
How did the Industrial Revolution lead to European colonization?
How did the Roosevelt Corollary relate to expansionism?

American Imperialism Quizzes (6 quizzes)

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Latin American Imperialism
US Imperialism in the Americas
American Imperialism
American Imperialism in Latin America & the Caribbean
American Imperialism in Hawaii, China & the Philippines
American Imperialism Worldwide

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