Art and Design

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Art and Design Quizzes

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Issues in Creating Sculptures
Processes in Sculpting
Different Kinds of Film Studios
Quiz & Assessment - How Islamic Art Influenced European Art
Quiz & Assessment - Art History as an Academic Discipline
Life of Oscar Wilde: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Architect Sir Norman Foster
Le Corbusier Works
Architect Le Corbusier
Gehry & Deconstructivism
Gehry's Development Process
Intertextuality in Film
Comparing Performance Arts
Ancient Greek Architecture: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Art & Music Adaptations for Visual Impairments
Kinds of Performance Art
Conceptual Diagrams
New York City Architecture Style
Modern Architecture
Mozart's Life: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Roman Architecture Facts for Kids
Evaluating Text Framework & Importance
Performance Arts
Folk, Jazz & Rock
Aesthetic Principles of Various Societies
Aesthetic Principles & Literature
Aesthetic Principles in Visual Art
Architecture Terminology
Organic Art's Influence on Architecture & Art
Social & Historical Context of Late 19th-Century Art
Patrons of Renaissance Art
Definition & Characteristics of Culture
Architects of 19th & 20th Centuries
Philosophy's Branches
Political Patronage
High-Context Culture
Aesthetics in Philosophy
New Construction Real Estate Terms & Timetables
Project Marketing for New Construction Real Estate
Sales Considerations for New Construction
Misery by Anton Chekhov Analysis
Orientalism in Media & Literature
Parts of a Castle: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Kinds of Castles: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Purpose of Medieval Castles: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Types of Castles
Castles of the Middle Ages
Castles: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Medieval Castles: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Castle History: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Translational & Rotational Equilibrium
Chemical and Dynamic Equilibrium
Technical Document Accessibility
Stage Management Overview
Acting Methodologies
Theatre in NYC & London
Historical Context of Baroque Art
Spanish Terms for Architecture
Home Construction & Family Life
What is Music Theory?