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Social & Historical Context of Late 19th-Century Art
Quiz & Assessment - Art History as an Academic Discipline
Minor Arts and Luxury Arts in Christian Art
Elements of English Romanticism
Neoclassical Poetry
How Visuals Impact Communication
Relationship of Music & Art in the Romantic Period
Characteristics of Gothic Painting
Romanticism in Short Stories
How the Arts are Related
Baroque Decorative & Ornate Music
Empire Architecture in the U.S.
Greek Revival Furniture Style
Pacific Performance Art
Characteristics of Early Christian Art
Rococo & Baroque Architecture Comparison
Mesopotamian Animals
Rococo Fashion Timeline
Relationship Between Types of Art
Ancient Greek Art, Pottery & Sculpture
Social & Political Influences on Rococo Art
Impact of Social & Political Events on Neoclassical Art
Characteristics of Byzantine Art
African Art's Worldwide Impact
Chemical and Dynamic Equilibrium
History and Characteristics of Romanesque Art
Problems & Solutions When Making Visual Art
The Baroque Fashion Era
History & Features of Ancient Egyptian Art
Variations in Romanesque Churches & Figural Arts
Influences on Contemporary Art
Understanding Visual Art
Differences in Neoclassicism & Romanticism
Ancient Asian Art & Architecture
Prehistoric Art Media, Approaches & Values
Prehistoric Art
Modern Native American Art
History of African Tribal Art
Visual Art Processes & Forms
Ancient African Art
Use & Efficacy in African Art
What is Neoclassicism?
Quiz & Assessment - Babylonian Art Overview
Baroque Drama Overview
Quiz & Assessment - English & German Gothic Art Overview
Quiz & Assessment - Early Medieval Period Art in Northern Europe
Quiz & Assessment - Ancient Egyptian Visual Art
Architect Charles Follen McKim
Baroque Furniture of France & Italy
Features of Romantic Painting
Historical Context of Baroque Art
Baroque Theater Buildings
Romanticism in American Literature
Comparing Romanesque Tympanums
1800s U.S. Furniture
Literature & Art in the American Romantic Period
Materials & Devices Used in Visual Art
Rococo Music
Rococo Interior Design Components
Rococo Furniture
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