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Chemical Equation Questions and Answers

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Set up a balanced chemical equation for the following reaction: Aluminum carbonate \to Aluminum oxide + Carbon dioxide.
Please write the balanced chemical equation for reaction the following chemical reaction ozone gas, O3, reacts with 3,3,4,4,5,5-hexanmethyl-1-hexyne, to produce carbo
A compound containing 3 atoms of carbon & 8 atoms of hydrogen is combined in a reaction with oxygen molecules. The two end products of this equation are carbon dioxide & water. What element should you look at first in balancing this equation?
A 1.009 g mixture of Na_2SO_4 (molar mass = 142.04 g/mol) and Pb(NO_3)_2 (molar mass = 331.20 g/mol)? A) Write the molecular form of the equation for the reaction. b) Write the net ionic equation for the reaction.
Which compound on the left, when dissolved in water, does not produce the corresponding compound(s) on the right? 1. CaO \rightarrow Ca(OH)_2 2. SO_2 \rightarrow H_2SO_4 3. NaH \rightarrow NaOH + H_2 4. N_2O_5 \rightarrow HNO_3 5. Cl_2O_7 \rightarrow
Balance the equation: Fe(NH_4)_2(SO_4)_2 \cdot 6H_2O + H_2C_2O_4 + K_2C_2O_4 + H_2O_2 --> K_3Fe(C_2O_4)_3 \cdot 3H_2O +(NH_4)_2SO
Write an equation (chemical or ionic) and use oxidation numbers to find out what is being oxidized and what is being reduced. (a) aluminum + oxygen. (b) magnesium + steam. (c) iron + dilute hydrochloric acid.
Why is it always necessary to balance a chemical equation? The question says it has to discuss atoms, bonds, and the Law of Conservation of Mass.
Complete and balance the following: Zn(s) + HCl(aq) arrow Zn(s) + Cu2+(aq)
Write a chemical reaction for lead (II) nitrate + sodium iodide.
Balance both the atoms and charges of the following chemical equation: Ce4+ + S2 arrow Ce3+ + S
N_2 + 3H_2 \to 2NH_3. How many molecules of H_2 are represented in the reaction? How many nitrogen atoms are represented in the reactants? How many moles of NH_3 are formed?
Complete and balance the following equation: HgCl_2 (aq) + K_2CrO_4 (aq) to.
Phosphorus reacts with oxygen gas to produce diphosphoroous pentoxide. Give the balanced chemical reaction.
Nitrogen and hydrogen react to form ammonia. Consider the mixture of N2 and H2 in a closed container. Assuming the reaction goes to completion, draw a representation of the product mixture. Explain ho
Predict the products of: a. (NH4)3PO4 + MgSO4 arrow b. HI arrow c. Fe + O2 arrow d. Fe + MgO arrow e. HCl + NaOH arrow
Write a balanced equation for the reaction of aluminum with platinum and chloride.
Balance the following equation: K_2CrO_4 + Na_2SO_3 + HCl to KCl + Na_2SO_4 + CrCl_3 + H_2O. Enter the coefficients for each compound, separated by commas, in the order in which they appear in the equ
How would you balance this equation: CuS + KCl = ? Explain.
Give balanced chemical equations for the following. 1. Caustic soda reacting with carbon dioxide. 2. Caustic soda reacting with zinc hydroxide. 3. Potassium reacting with oxygen. 4. Sodium carbonat
Write a net equation for the reaction between aqueous solutions of NaNO_2 and NaH_2PO_4.
Why can't lead chloride be directly prepared by adding hydrochloric acid?
Balance the following chemical equations. 1. BF_3 + Li_2SO_3 \to B_2(SO_3)_3 + LiF 2. CaCO_3 + H_3PO_4 \to Ca_3(PO_4)_2 + H_2CO_3 3. B_2Br_6 + HNO_3 \to B(NO_3)_3 + HBr
Pentane gas (C_5H_{12}) combusts with oxygen gas (O_2) to form water (H_2O) and carbon dioxide (CO_2). Write a balanced chemical equation for this reaction and explain the scientific principle (statem
How many moles of iodine are produced from 7.00 moles of chlorine, according to the equation shown? 3 C l 2 ( g ) + 2 F e I 2 ( s ) ? 2 F e C l 3 ( s ) + 2 I 2 ( g )
H 2 (g) is made when 8.5 grams of Li is placed in water. The reaction also creates Lithium Hydroxide. L i + H 2 O ? L i O H + H 2 How much H 2 (g) is made?
Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction of methane and sulfur.
2C2H6(g) + 7O2(g) arrow 4CO2(g) + 6H2O(g) KCl(s) arrow K(s) + Cl2(g) Are these equations correctly balanced?
Which is the correct formula for the combustion of S8 at STP? a. S8(s) + 4O2(g) arrow 4SO2(g) b. S8(s) + 8O2(g) arrow 8SO2(g)
Write the balanced chemical equation for the following reaction. Include phases. When aqueous sodium hydroxide is added to a solution containing lead(II) nitrate, a solid precipitate forms.
NaCN + H2O = HCN + NaOH Is this equation properly balanced?
Al + CuSO4 arrow Al2(SO4)3 + Cu When the equation is balanced using the smallest whole-number coefficients, what is the coefficient of Al?
What type of chemical reaction does the following equation represent? AgNO_3 + NaCl \to AgCl + NaNO_3 A. Single-displacement reaction B. Synthesis C. Combustion D. Double-displacement reaction
Balance the given equation below. NaHCO_3(s) + heat to Na_2CO_3(s) + H_2O(l) + CO_2(g).
How many moles of P4O10 are produced when we react 8 moles of phosphorous with oxygen?
Knowing that 2 aluminum atoms and 3 chlorine molecules react to produce 2 units of aluminum chloride, how many moles of aluminum chloride can be produced by reacting 7.8 moles of chlorine with excess
How many grams of water will be produced if 32.0 g of nitrous oxide are also produced in the reaction? Consider this equation: NH_4NO_3 (s) to N_2O (g) + 2H_2O (g).
The number of moles of KMnO4 required to react with 5 moles of H2O2 in acidic medium is.
Give the balanced equation for liquid nitric acid decomposes to reddish-brown nitrogen dioxide gas, liquid water, and oxygen gas.
Calculate the number of grams of oxygen required to convert 58.0 g of glucose to CO2 and H2O.
Write a balanced chemical equation for solid lead (II) sulfide reacting with aqueous hydrochloric acid to form solid lead (II) chloride and dihydrogen sulfide gas.
ZnCl2(aq) + Na2CO3(s) arrow ZnCO3(s) + NaCl(aq) Balance the chemical equation and state solid, liq, gas, aq properly for each compound.
Zn(s) + H+(aq) arrow When the equation for the reaction represented above is completed and balanced and all coefficients are reduced to the lowest whole number terms, what is the coefficient for H+?
If you had excess chlorine, how many moles of of aluminum chloride could be produced from 17.0 g of aluminum? Express your answer numerically in moles.
How many moles of Fe_3O_4 are required to supply enough iron to prepare 0.442 mol Fe_2O_3?
How is slaked lime formed?
BALANCE THE FOLLOWING EQUATION IN BASIC SOLUTION ClO_2 --> Cl^- + ClO_3^- ClO^- + I ^- --> Cl^- + I_2 S_2O_8^2- + Cl_2 --> ClO_4^- + SO_4^2-
1. True or false? Rusting of an iron nail is an example of a change of phase. 2. Which of the following amounts is closest to the molar mass of C18H25NO? A. 1.9419 kg B. 1.30 lbs C. 128.44 g D. 200 g
How do you do stoichiometry limiting reactant problems?
How do you find limiting reagent in stoichiometry problems?
C_25H_52 + 38O_2 rightarrow 25CO_2 + 26 H_2O + energy a. Balance the equation. b. Count the number of atoms.
Write the equation for the reaction of solid zinc and aqueous hydrogen sulfate reacts to produce hydrogen gas and aqueous zinc sulfate.
Nitrogen dioxide reacts with water to form nitric acid and nitrogen monoxide according to the equation: 3 NO_2 (g)+ H_2O (l) to 2HNO_3 (l) + NO (g). Suppose that 5 mol NO_2 and 1 mol H_2O combine and react completely, how many moles of the reactant in exc
How would you write skeleton equations for these reactions: a. Lithium(s) + gold(III)chloride(aq) = Lithium chloride(aq) + gold(s) b. Iron(s) + tin(IV)nitrate(aq) = Iron(III) nitrate(aq) + tin(s)
Write skeleton equations for these reactions. a. Hydrogen iodide(g) to hydrogen(g) + iodine(g). b. aluminum(s) + iodine(s) to aluminum iodide(s).
Balance the reaction: KMnO_4 + KIO_3+H_2O to MnO_2 + KIO_4+KOH
Balance the equation between magnesium sulfate and iron (III) acetate.
How do I find the change in the moles of gas for a reaction? Example: MgCO3 = MgO + CO2
According to the balanced chemical equation 2SO_2 + O_2 to 2SO_3, how many liters of oxygen would be needed to produce 0.5 moles of sulfur trioxide, SO_3?
How many mL of 0.1 M KMnO4 are required to react with 30 mL of 0.05 M H2O2?